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The Importance of Dieting

By Melanie Miller
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The importance of dieting, for the body, soul, spirit and mind has been around for ages. I dieted and lost 30 pounds within 6 months. I used to be heavy set but lost the weight I needed too, and still am dieting. With a proper diet regimen, one can lose excess weight, and it is healthy to lose the weight one needs to lose. Some folks eat and eat and gorge on food, junk food especially. Too many pastries, donuts and the like, and wonder why they are over weight.

I have family members and friends whom I have talked to about them losing some weight, some listen while others continue to eat more and more. It is no wonder, why many people gain so much weight. One can easily shed the pounds with a diet, their doctor prescribes to them. If you are in need of losing some weight and are serious about shedding the excess baggage, then do talk to your family doctor and she or he will insure they put you on a much needed diet. Follow his or her instructions. lay off all sweets and only eat veggies or fruits, such as apples, bananas, pears, and oranges, and lettuce or salads are good choices to chose from. You can also try diet drinks or water is fine and acceptable to intake. One can keep a journal or diary and write down what they ate that day. Show it to your doctor and write down the pounds and ounces you may be losing each week. You will feel more confidant about your self and your body will thank you later.

If you are having difficulty dieting, talk to your family doctor regarding this issue at hand. I found it hard to diet at first, as always wanted candy and other sweets, but I soon over came this problem. Now..I replace with fruits, such as grapefruit and strawberries and I even make my very own slushies and smoothies, without any sugar added to it. You too can make them at home. I bought an inexpensive blender and works quite well, and so I decided to make them at home and serve to family members and friends as well, whom are trying to diet and try out new things.

You can also jog if the doctor gives the thumbs up, and you can walk every day, in the park. My friend and I take many walks during the early mornings to maintain our weight and help keep our body in good shape. It is sort of like a tune up. You need to walk if you can, or are able too, and if not, their are weight loss or exercise tips your family doctor can advise you. You may wish to consider this. I do have a bad back but walking seems to make it feel much better, and walking does help one to lose weight. I used to walk 3 hours per day, and this kept me slendor and did my heart good to walk. I may restart walking more hrs. as I used to, as my back is much better, and also if you can, try your hand at playing golf, or tennis, or you can even go bowling, as these are benefical forms of exercising as well. All in all, do what you can to exercise and you may wish to exercise with a partner or husband or wife. You can play volley ball or race each other, see who did the best. Make a game out of it. Any and all forms of light to entense exercise does help keep the body in good shape. If you are unable to do any of the said above physical exercises, then you can talk to your partner about this and see what forms of religious exercises you may be able to focus on, or speak to your doctor, he may advise you forms of exercises you can do, such as arm circles, and jumping rope, or you can play hop scotch with a friend or family member, if your back allows you to do so. I find exercising relaxing and invigorating. I would never give up dieting or exercising, and also did you know that exercising is good for the nerves. So next time you are nervous about that exam you may be taking, or nervous about life in general, then all you need to do is take up some form of exercising and it will soothes the nerves and plus you benefit from doing this, and you will see and know that you feel much healthier and at ease. Well, I hope my article was of some help to many folks, and that you do take up exercising and plan out a healthy diet for yourself. You can deit with a friend and make a competiction or game out of it. See who loses the most weight. You can exercise with your best friend daily or weekly, in the park. Some people like to take walks by the graveyard, and this may sound odd to many but some people find it relaxing to walk in the graveyard. All in all, diet your way and you will feel happier and much healthier in the long run for doing so.

Thanks for reading my article gang!

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