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29.03.2020 Music News

Blakk Rasta Laments Over 'CARO'

...A Coronavirus Lamentation
Blakk Rasta Laments Over 'CARO'
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It looks like the eminent lockdown of some major parts of Ghana and, the number of Coronavirus cases recorded so far, have touched the heart of Ghana's Kuchoko legend, Blakk Rasta as he has released a spiritual lamentation reminiscent of the ancient Biblical prophets when they petitioned God for answers.

In a song entitled, Caro Caro [a Coronavirus lament ], the poet sang his most passionate plea for a spiritual intervention as it looks like the "washing of hands, face and mouth" seems not to be enough as "we are still dying like mosquitoes" around the world.

Blakk Rasta's Caro Caro is melodious and groovy as his solemn voice comes riding on live-recorded instruments in what is arguably the best Coronavirus song among the lot.

Ghana has recorded over 130 cases of Covid-19 necessitating a lockdown in the country.

Blakk Rasta: Blakk Rasta - Caro Caro

(A Coronavirus Lament )


What a dangerous thing

Dem say wash your hand, wash your mouth, wash your face

An' we still a dead like mosquito


It's a virus virus virus

It's a virus

It's a killer killer killer

So dangerous

Coronavirus, so dangerous

Cantankerous, [so murderous] 2x

[Signs of the end time. Run wey Rudebwoy]


Coma coma come mek we pray

Nuff a we a dead night and day

I don't want to be Corona's prey

In peace an' love and harmony I waan stay

Coma coma come mek we pray

Cos sons of the demons com to play

Pickney, man and woman dem a slay

I neva borrow why must I pay

Hook :

Caro Caro, Go away

Go and neva com again

Don't com and spoil wi play

Caro Caro, Go Away [3X]



Father, Father God, why so

You mek da wicked man run da show

Children no longer go to school

Blood run da place like a pool

Father Father God, why so

You giving power to da wicked foe

I want to see the place calm an' cool

Father God, we love you fi true

Hook :


[To Fade]

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