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Apr 14, 2014 | Lyrics


By Modern Ghana

Song title: We Run This
Written & Performed by: Karamanti
Produced by: Mix Masta Garzy
Recorded at: Frenz For Real by Robert “Engin-Gear” Rodney
Mixed & Mastered by: Masta Garzy in Ghana

yo Garzy
yu done know a Karamanti
low key neva fancy
pass di mic mek mi chat to mi family

Ghana a we run this
no say a word karamanti a done dis
we fulla swagga & we style juss too chris
me ago tun it up a notch & show di whole wide world right now
Ghana a we run this
da one ya free mi no waa no cedis
Tema, Accra all Tamale
we ago touch di wholla east west north and south of

Ghana a mi place dat
party buck so yu done know di ting shot
coulda village or city a di same black
we go hard like di man dem a jam rock
from mi reach i and i naa tun back
all night dancehall a di fun dat
fresh & clean pan di scene Kara does dat
& mi no fraid caa mi crew have di city lock
know di tribe weh mi repping from way back
all a foreign we lock dung t-dot
whether a yard or abroad we go real bad
win di race set di pace left dem real sad
big man a squeel like say dem a real gal
neva know GH have some real dads
Tumu to Swedru everybody mad
bring di hook mek mi beat dem real bad


mek dem know say we mean it
bass a kick wid lyrics weh seal it
beat di drum mek di fool dem feel it
from a truth GH a reveal it
and we no care if a guy don't like it
we a di pass & di future no fight it
talk di truth Kara Kara highlight it
mek dem know Ghana a di nicest
no vex Africa a di brightest
inna di west GH a di livest
Karamanti I a endorse it
if a test guarantee say we pass it
me juss a bounce to di beat and a floss it
inna a di rock but a GHana mi target
waa fi come a mi yawd and park it
but fi now i and i a gwan talk dis

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