Ryan Garcia handed one-year doping ban


Image caption: Ryan Garcia tested positive for ostarine in two separate tests
GETTY IMAGES Image caption: Ryan Garcia tested positive for ostarine in two separate tests

Ryan Garcia has been handed a one-year ban from boxing by the New York State Athletic Commission after failing a drugs test.

The 25-year-old tested positive for banned substance ostarine in two separate tests taken before his fight with Devin Haney on 20 April.

Garcia's victory against Haney will now be recorded as a no-contest - meaning Haney's undefeated record is restored.

As well as the ban, Garcia must forfeit his £950,000 ($1.2m) contract purse from the Haney fight and pay a £7,900 ($10,000) fine.

The New York State Athletic Commission confirmed Garcia would be suspended until 20 April 2025 and would need to provide a clean urine test before his licence could be reissued.

"The Commission will continue to hold athletes to the highest professional standards and protect the integrity of all sports under our jurisdiction," a statement read.

Garcia, who denied taking the substance, blamed "contamination" from a tainted supplement.

The American, who wrote on X on 19 June that he was "retired", responded to the ban by saying: "I was already retired so I'll just come back out of retirement for a year."

He added: "I never cheated."
Garcia has just one defeat on his 25-fight record, a 2023 loss to Gervonta Davis, and is considered one of the biggest stars in American boxing.

His voided victory against Haney came in New York, with Garcia winning on points after missing weight before the contest.

Haney, whose record returns to 31 victories in 31 fights, said on X: "Thank you to commission for doing the right thing and making the right decision.

"I’m happy it wasn't a DQ [disqualification] because I wouldn't want [to] win like that.

"Once this suspension is over, Garcia let's run it back. Clean on a even playing field. Biggest fight [in] boxing."

Ostarine, a non-steroidal drug used to support muscle growth, has been on the World Anti-Doping Agency's banned substance list since 2008.

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