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Veteran Actor Jim Iyke: Debuts Volume 1 of Book Series - The Gift In the Odds: Walking Through Walls

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Nollywood veteran, Jim Iyke is adding yet another new title to his ever growing list of talents. This comes shortly after his debut production movie, Bad Comments, was released last year.

Jim Iyke’s first volume from his series of books - ‘The Gift in The Odds: Walking Through Walls’ was launched on Tuesday 1st February. The inspiration for the book came while he was secluded in the South of France with his son at the beginning of the pandemic of 2020. In this book, he talks about grief, anxiety, depression and all the emotions we all experienced at the height of uncertainty. It’s a side of Jim Iyke that is unknown to the world.

Walking Through Walls is the first volume of a 15 part series on self empowerment that Jim Iyke wrote during the 2020 lockdown in France. He had been visiting DisneyLand Paris with his son and ended up being stuck there at the beginning of the pandemic. Afterwards, he was forced to head to the South of France, where he stayed for six months. By the second month of the quarantine, isolation had taken a toll on his mental health but he channeled his distress into book writing, as he had always toyed with the idea.

This first volume touches on: ‘How to harness your gift and make it work for you in any circumstance.’ It highlights Jim Iyke’s wealth of experience, his unconventional ideologies and unorthodox approach to life. One of the ideologies he explains in the book is the lack of belief that one’s family can be vital on the way to defying the odds. Instead, he believes that help will most likely come from unexpected strangers, like it did for him while he was on the verge of breaking into the Nollywood industry.

While talking about the book, Jim Iyke mentioned that the premise of it is “How to understand that every time you experience difficulty in your life or everytime you come to a wall, the universe is telling you that God is preparing you for the next level.’’

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