Imaatu Debuts Twin Flame Collection for Spring/Summer 2022 at Vienna Fashion Week

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Nollywood Fashion Imaatu Debuts Twin Flame Collection for Spring/Summer 2022 at Vienna Fashion Week

Nigerian/Austrian designer Imaatu launched her latest collection Twin Flames at the recently concluded fashion week in Vienna.

The collection featured lively spring summer pieces with clear trends and purposeful with inviting colors.

The outfits which have ready to wear pieces infused in the collection were made with the intention to fit every woman, not excluding the plus size ladies.

Speaking about the collection Omatu, the brain behind Imaatu described the collection by saying, “a Twin Flame is a soul that is split into two bodies, mirroring each other, and constantly longing to reconnect.

Lockdowns have reshaped Imaatu collections. There is an earthier sensibility to this collection "Twin Flame", that extends beyond its spicy palette to the more pared down, simplified shapes. Goodbye to usual haute couture frivolity and hello to a more laisse-faire pret a porter approach. There is a running theme in pattern or fabric. There is also an element of the designer's Nigerian heritage in the tropical prints and the traditional peplum tops of West Africa . The flowy dresses and chiffon wrap skirts are synthesized with divine evening gowns and beach party gold crop tops paired with tropical print high waisted palazzo pants. Sustainably made with Linen, bamboo, silk and lots of sass”.

Designs: @imaatufashion

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