Burna Boy In Good Company With Architectural Digest's Open Door Series

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Celebrity Burna Boy In Good Company With Architectural Digest's Open Door Series

Multiple international award-winning singing sensation, Burna Boy joins the league of exceptional personalities as he opens his door and heart to fans and friends alike with an iconic Architectural Digest magazine article and Open Door feature. Architectural Digest, an American monthly magazine founded in 1920 with over 100years of excellence, has as it's principal subjects, interior design and landscaping, rather than pure external architecture.

Known for its affluent and style-conscious readership, Architectural Digest who recently released the annual AD100 list recognizing the most influential interior designers and architects around the world, featured the Afrofusion pioneer in this edition.

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The affable and enigmatic singer, in an exclusive, in-depth look at his resplendent home, wows the audience first as the first Nigerian entertainment personality to be featured on Architectural Digest's Open Door series and secondly, as he takes us through the intricate design techniques and innovations, a synergy of Art, beauty, and creativity, that make his home, his safe place.

In an article written by Chiké Frankie Edozien for the Architectural Digest magazine, he describes the singing sensation's abode as a 'continuous, free-flowing area, with one interior leading right into the next—sans doors.

Of particular note is the main living room, which leads to a massive window overlooking the swimming pool and tended gardens. Overall, the compound evokes the serenity of the lagoons, creeks, and the greenery of the Port Harcourt region'.

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As one who constantly finds new ways to tap into the stream of creative consciousness, honours his craft and is the epitome of the most glorious version of himself, this relaxed, goofy glow of self-love has never looked so good on anyone as it does on the African giant in his lair - where everything is right with the world.

Burna Boy who is on a continuous musical reinvention project is now creating an identity, outside of his music as the grammy winner takes us on an intimate tour of his space, with each piece and design, telling a story, indeed reflecting a softer and witty side to the African giant that's rarely seen.

With this feature, Burna Boy joins an impeccable calibre of brilliant global personalities including actor, Robert Downey Jr, singer Ricky Martin, Designer, Michael Kors, the legendary Tommy Hilfiger, one of music's sexiest icons, Lenny Kravitz, Maroon 5's front-man, Adam Levine to mention a few, who have shared their safe haven with the world.


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