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Miss-K's Ruled The Red Carpet At The Nollywood UK Film Festival.

  Wed, 16 Oct 2019
Miss-K's Ruled The Red Carpet At The Nollywood UK Film Festival.

Multi Award winner, Artist, Supermodel, Entrepreneur,and Humanitarian Miss-K,who was recently awarded an Honorary Award as 1 of 100 most influential women in the world on International Women’s Day, made a fashion statement wearing the perfect red carpet look when attending at the second edition of the UK Nollywood Film Festival, which took place this weekend, Saturday 5th of October 2019, in London.

The UK Nollywood Film Festival (UKNFF), which has first been instigated back in 2018, by the President of The Nollywood Guild Award, Dr Malcolm Benson, was a success. The UKNFF has been an official partner to the "Kreative Kick" Youth Summit, which has been organized by Miss-K herself, this past August, on international youth Day.

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In the spirit of marking her attendance, Miss-K arrived glowing in a show stopping outfit, with the perfect touch of Royal Blue, making her arrival known when stepping on to the red carpet at UKNFF.

Miss-K wore a bespoke piece, which she co-designed with Luxurious Fashion House “Rosemari Avenard”, for whom she became the official Brand Ambassador early this year Jan. 2019, this time pushing boundaries in giant Blue and white raffle sweater Top, which she showcased proudly like a Peacock spreads its feathers.

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In addition Miss-K was spotted with friends and long-time supporter, Councillor Kate Anolue, who was elected Mayor of Enfield for the third time this year, and the Mayor of Tower Hamlet, Councillor Victoria Obasefe who also made an appearance not only as a guest but also as the Patron of the UK Nollywood Film Festival. "What a night!!!

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Miss-K and Tower Hamlet Mayor , Cllr Kate Anolue.

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Miss-K and Tower Hamlet Mayor , Cllr Victoria Obaze

See more of Miss-K's red carpet photos attached below.

Photo Credit: Kreative Kick

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