Grills, Threads and Art: Tiger Uncages The Best Unveil Party Yet

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Nollywood Affairs Grills, Threads and Art: Tiger Uncages The Best Unveil Party Yet
SEP 2, 2019 LISTEN

Tiger beer is on a roll!
Since it’s launch back in April 2018, Tiger beer has pulled no stops in engaging with its consumers.

After huge successes at Maker Lab, Treasure Hunt, Gold Rush and the Born In Africa Festival, in which Tiger was one of the sponsors, the beer brand has launched an all-new 33cl sleek can.

This makes it an exciting time for the beer brand as Tiger has kept up the tempo since its launch.

Unsurprisingly, fans couldn’t contain their excitement, particularly for those who witnessed the Tiger staples in arts, fashion, food and music.

From the very colorful graffiti wall and frames to loads of cold bottles of Tiger, body art and mouthwatering grills at Wells Carlton, the all-new sleek can was welcomed in style.

Tiger Beer was born in 1932 on the streets of Singapore. A world-acclaimed lager beer made with only the finest ingredients through a precise brewing process and with only the finest quality ingredients. The result is the intensely refreshing, full-bodied taste of one of the world’s leading contemporary beer brands that has won over 40 international awards.

If the launch of the all-new sleek can and the first half of the year, are anything to by, then you can expect lots of thrills, excitement and uncaging in the remaining months of 2019.

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