The President Unable To Control The Stupidity Of Some People In The Fight Against COVID-19

Feature Article The President Unable To Control The Stupidity Of Some People In The Fight Against COVID-19
APR 22, 2020 LISTEN

Let's cooperate to fight the virus .The coronavirus pandemic is a cataclysmic event that has taken its toll on many, if not most, of the inhabitants of the planet. Over 170,000 people have died, millions are infected, and a few billion people are in one way or another limited in their movements in an attempt to prevent further spread of the disease.

Big corporations and petty businesses are trying to use this to increase their profits, instead of showing solidarity

Others however, have allowed their ignorance to take over and they start believing all kinds of ridiculous conspiracy theories against their governments who are leading the fight instead of believing and praying for them for God's to take over their decision during this crucial time. In Ghana, political party has taken the pandemic as bumping into milk and honey, making politically motivated comments, challenging government directives now and then, rebutting higher recovery rate information, taking position as serial exaggerators and fabricators, and feeding on minor innocent misrepresentation from frontrunners as crimes.

This is a disaster for the country because people will take the wrong actions.

I'm much more afraid of the inner demons of humanity, hatred and greed and ignorance, if we allow them to take over, that's the big problem. If we react to this crisis by allowing our hatred to take over people, blaming governments, opposition blaming incumbent, for the epidemic and hiding behind natural increase of positive cases to blame leaders as if leaders are spreading the virus, and therefore refusing to cooperate, this will be a disaster.

As human myself, I know that we should never underestimate human stupidity. It is one of the most powerful forces in history. Just because a course of action is the reasonable course of action (wearing nose mask, practicing social distancing etc, doesn't mean people will adopt it.

The biggest advantage of humans over viruses is that we can cooperate in ways the viruses cannot.

Let's cooperate to fight the virus.

Isaac Bawuah

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