Media Schooled On Air Quality In Africa

Health Media Schooled On Air Quality In Africa
FEB 21, 2020 LISTEN

A forum has been held to brief members of the Ghanaian media on air quality in Africa as part of measures to record data on the quality of air in some selected communities in Ghana.

At a media interaction in Accra, the exercise will specifically determine the kind of data available currently, the data that will soon be coming on line, what quality that data is in terms of accuracy as well as the cost of acquiring that data.

The measurements will be taken in areas considered to have suspected high levels of air pollution in some communities in Accra, Kumasi and Cape Coast.

An expert, Daniel M. Westervelt, Associate Research Scientist, Columbia University indicated that one of the things they are interested in is measuring the air pollution in the selected areas to be conducted.

This, he said, will include testing how policy interventions affect the situation.

Emmanuel K. E. Appoh, Head of Environmental Quality Department at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disclosed that the World Bank is supporting them to acquire the Regulatory-Grade Air Quality Monitor soon.

According to him, it will enable them broadcast the quality of air every day to the citizens with frequent updates to for healthy living in an informed manner.

“We should be able to forecast what will happen tomorrow or the days ahead in order for people to plan especially the vulnerable like the asthmatics, those with heart problems and the rest so that they can protect themselves very well,” he stated.

He added that they had to rely on the US Government to get them an expert to come and train Ghanaian scientists and researchers on how to forecast and manage the data very well so that they can make meaning out of that.

"And very soon we will have all the full components and be able to protect the environment; the air that we breath and also protect public health,” Mr Appoh emphasised.




Eric Nabila
Eric Nabila

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