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Why People Are Never Satisfied With What They Have

Why People Are Never Satisfied With What They Have

This ever-changing technological world will forever be, new things will very much be in abundance and people will forever seek to have more through thick and thin thus will never be satisfied with what they have.

Since a neighbor, a friend, junior or senior has a particular thing, the inferior wouldn’t see himself less and therefore by whichever means will have it just to fit in as well.

Being satisfied with what you have simply put, is living within your means. Whereas a handful are fighting tooth and nail for a proper lifestyle the rest will sell their souls to for the fame of material independence; you may wonder what on earth is happening to this generation.

Let’s put the less privileged aside and take a critical look at the average and the well to do.

The Average

They can also be termed as the middle class. This class actually have the means to afford proper education for a great future, but sitting on the buttocks to learn for this great future to fathom; to them is a hard nut to crack.

From the influx of iPhone, trending clothes, shoes and bags together with accessories and flashy cars jamming in the minds of these youth; the today’s woman who is to be seen as strong and clustered in integrity is rather wallowing in the mud of sex trade.

It baffles the mind as young girls from the ages of 11- 18 masters this trade from JHS right through to the tertiary level. They carry it as being fun and mature a master class as they hit the tertiary level. There, they move from being young girls to boss chicks and slay queens. As they trade their bodies for flashy stuffs, they do same for grades.

Most often we talk and make it seem the feminine makes everything horrible when actually the flashy stuff they receive are very much from the men who demand sex in exchange for the need of the woman. The desire for a five minutes’ ecstasy will take a man all in his might to lust after a woman.

This lust-insanity and a prove of a man he can be, makes him indulge in a lot of devil’s game to achieve his aim. From squandering school fees to cheating during class test and examinations, they develop into Gameboys and fraudsters amidst thievery and conning thus the future president or the inventor, misses his way and become a workload on society.

The well to dos won’t be far from this, as one in an interview stated that, the more they get, they always see people ahead of them no matter what and as they strive for more they still have people with more. This connotation has led a lot miserable and the few remaining are confused. Well, not all in these groups are seen as such but the 75% will not be far from it.


There a lot of factors that generates into this menace, but to tackle a few are as follows:


The good book states in Proverbs that, train up a child in a way he should go and when he grows he will not depart from it. Show by hands those who allow their kids for children service. Show by hands those who ask their wards what memory verse was taught at the children service. What about those who hold devotions at home?

If you are found wanting of any of the above, then it’s a 99% surety your ward will fall prey to worldly pleasures. No matter your wealth or prayers for them if you don’t imbibe the word of God in them, they will depart from right to the wrong.

Is your job taking your time off your wards? Then a better way to draw closer to them is taking your leave of work when they have vacated from school. During this period, you can learn more of your wards and know their fears and discoveries. Don’t only be a Sunday churchgoer but also be vexed in the word, be prayerful and do the things of God and as you go about your business at home and work, your wards, as they watch you, will pick after you.


The devil has made it pleasant to the eye the pleasures of this world. To him, whatever created by God isn’t as beautiful as his, so with all might he will draw the least prey to him by luring him to his very taste. If one has no proper training from home neither has no word of God in him, he becomes a friend to the devil.

Over here his eyes twinkles at the very material thing seen on friends. Therefore, will go home with all sort of stories to parents just to get an amount to purchase what his eyes have seen. If parents are unable to sponsor kids as such on what they demand, they go themselves to find means to what they want and this act, if care isn’t taken will go a long way in affecting the way of life of this ward.

Seeking advice from friends only happens when availability of parents is on the low. In some other sense, some parents tend to be so stern on their wards that, all their lives they feel they are being dictated to. A least chance to talk to a peer concerning his fears will be a life changing point. G

The question is, who is this peer?

Your inability to visit and pray for your ward at the boarding house, and his inability to discern the advice received from friends can cause his shambles in life.


I have a friend who attends a renowned church and can say he is a good Christian, but was very taken aback when he stated that all he wants is for his head pastor to prophesy into his life. But what on earth do you need a prophesy for when you have abundance of grace over your life? The moment you come into contact with GRACE, no prophesy of man will shake your foundation.

But you won’t have that encounter with GRACE when you move from one pastor to the other expecting prophesy! This is where they get you so badly and take all your money in the name of a great future; which when in the next couple of months, if not becoming a reality you call them all sort of names. Honey are you content with what you have?

Do you know where these prophets are emanating from? Well from failed examinations and trying to make ends meets with your money! Since you want to hear, they will tell you exactly what you need to hear and your life if not remain the same will worsen.

It will worsen after few months when you realize this prophesy isn’t working and therefore you force your way into making it happen, then you will have it through pain or at worst death.

Be content with what you have, no good thing comes easy, God blesses, yes, but it takes patience; work on your patience and with prayers and supplications make your requests known to God.

Politics Bribery and Corruption

Politics today has become an avenue for bribery and corruption enticing the youth to throw their weight behind with the motive of becoming big men in a couple of years. This misconception has led many youths astray as most leave their education behind in aid of campaigning for a member of parliament or a party to come to power. Fortunately, or unfortunately these aspirants immediately they take office tend to forget their campaigners which include these youths. The frustration that comes after the realization is so immense that some take their lives as others live at the mercy of friends or become pastors or policemen.

The Police department is another hub for bribery and corruption where quick money is made with doing nothing at all. Most people in the uniforms do not protect the citizens but rather extort money from vulnerable victims. It’s just so sad to hear about the demise of young policemen who as a result of their extortions are killed.

Where do we think all of this is coming from? Well, it’s stemmed in human nature; the deprivation of man! The very child you refused to give attention and the word of God to, grows up to yearn to have more, even if it has to do with taking another life for it. It is the very neighbor; passenger or colleague you know has lost his way but you are refusing to alert them unto the path of Christ! Where has the God-fearing nation gone to? It has simply become a tag covering the shameless faces of us.

Tell them about the love of Christ who can provide all our needs according to His own riches and glory. People are into all of this because they lack the love of Christians therefore negligent of the love of God; they don’t have the love of God in them. Sought to help them encounter Christ and His love, that alone will set them free. All these material things shall pass except for the word of God

As I stated from the beginning, new stuffs will still come up, and people will still not be content with what they have but the consequences of this ruthless behavior leads to death, STIs, miserable and regrettable life ever after. Most old people who went through this will love to have their youths back, you have yours, live it right and God will be your help.

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