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05.10.2019 Feature Article

Alhajj Suleman, Germany writes............................

Manaf IbrahimManaf Ibrahim
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This young chap, is Manaf Ibrahim.

This young chap, has served as Dep Reg Sec of the NPP.

This young chap, was an integral part of NPP's campaign since 2012.

This young chap, was one of the two, who nearly died while on campaign at Wa in the team of then Vice presidential candidate, Dr Mahmudu Bawumia. While Kwabena Boadu couldn't survive and died painfully, this guy, Manaf, fainted but was saved by the mercy of Allah.

This young chap, contested to become the PC of NPP at Asawase in 2016. He lost but was at the forefront of the campaign for the candidate who won then.

This young chap, was appointed, director of political affairs at the presidency due to his instrumentality in campaign 2016.

This young chap, decided to contest to become PC for NPP in 2020.

This young chap, has been met with fierce opposition from some demagogues in the party. They mischievously disqualified him from the race.

This young chap, has followed all the laid down grievance procedures in the party to seek redress, to no avail. His petition to the DC, was not even accorded the decency of a response.

This young chap, decided to explore his right to seek justice from the courts.

This young chap, was nastily, slapped with a dismissal from his job at the presidency.

This young chap, is unperturbed and is ready to suffer the consequences for standing by his convictions.

This young chap, is a pacesetter for many young chaps.

This young chap, clearly, is a victim of extreme form of depotism, operating as a defective democracy led by overhyped 'democratic' despots.

Injustice is like a cycle, it'll get to your point soon if you don't stop it from operating from far points. This is why I stand with and by Manaf and damn the consequences.

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