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Best Relationship Building/Sustenance Strategy [01]

Special ingredients for quality human relations
Best Relationship Building/Sustenance Strategy [01]
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The repelling and attractive laws of nature are always evident in everyone’s circle of life. Fallible creatures as we’re, we sometimes in one way or the other break the rules that bind/cement human relations.

We see men pursuing women and vice-versa. It’s obviously accepted because it’s a cultural and societal demand. However, in our quest of doing so, we must exercise a higher degree of vigilance and wisdom. Diplomacy should also be integrated effectively into our life-stream and life patterns. Feelings fade out, but compatibility in attitudinal beliefs and lifestyle will shield and sustain your relationship.

If you truly love someone, calm your emotions down, be patient and approach the person with a humble heart. Be unique in your dealings with the person. People have different levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI), Intelligent Quotient (IQ), Communication Intelligence (CI), Financial Intelligence (FI) and Social Intelligence (SI). Take your time to have a considerable amount of knowledge in diverse areas about the person.

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Author: Theophilus Quaicoe
[email protected]

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