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01.09.2019 Feature Article

The Spirit And Truth Time! Let The Wise Take It Seriously.

The Spirit And Truth Time! Let The Wise Take It Seriously.
LISTEN SEP 1, 2019

To my Christian brethren in particular, Muslims by extension and other truth-loving people in general, let's look at this together. That laws are meant to be obeyed. Those who are lawless and refuse to obey laws are punished.

Then also laws/rules are made by the owner/creator/superior authority in a domain/product/system, so it is therefore appropriate that the supreme spiritual laws about life are sought from the Almighty God as the Creator of the world.

If laws/policies were not updated/amended, economies would be queerly outdated because they have refused to be dynamic as developing humans are expected to be. Ghana once changed from left to right driving, and imperial to metric measuring system in the seventies for example. Apart from the change to the 6-3-3 school system, the curriculum is also reviewed occasionally; It has even been modified just this month for a more practical education.

Obviously any right-thinking and law-abiding Ghanaian will follow and adopt the changes as they are made, so that they do not lag behind and become anachronistic. I need not enquire to know that if you are a reasonable Christian, then giving the foregoing, you will do what will please God according to his description.

Through Christ, his messenger, God has declared that the type of worship that will please him now is that in the SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH (John 4:21-24). Would you rather do something else in the worship of God? And if you do, will that be an attempt to displease God, or would that be because you know better than God himself, or what?

Well then, let's prepare and do as God likes. Remember Jesus Christ was sent to do a major overhaul of the worship of God, which The NEW TESTAMENT is all about

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