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30.08.2019 Feature Article

Time For The (All-Important) Truth

Time For The (All-Important) Truth
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By 1994 I had appreciated the importance of the TRUTH in all spheres of life as a science-loving person, and also after my six-year sojourn in Nigeria, but it has been taken for granted.

With the little science background, I also appreciated how that attitude contributed and still contribute to the depreciation of knowledge acquisition in Africa and other underdeveloped economies. Is it not for undisputed truth that scientists further set up CONTROL EXPERIMENT in their research.

My proposition was that the group that should identify better with the truth must be the religious people, hence the religious front as the main target. Christians, because of their majority in Ghana. I was not a (staunch) Christian then.

(This self-funded research was done under the name of NOKWA (Truth) FOUNDATION I founded in 1994, which became LIVING EDUCATION AID in 2002.)


Some of the sources of information in addition to attending many other church services for casual observation:

DATE ----------------PLACE -------------PERSON

00-00-95 Christian Council of Ghana (Gen Sec - Rev David Dartey)

26-08-95 Life Enhancement Forum (British Council)

04-10-95 Church of Christ (C of C), Circle

24-12-95 Jehovah Witnesses (JW), Spintex (Convention)

31-12-95 JW Legon (Mr. Acheampong)

02-01-96 JW Legon (Mr Amankwaa)

14-01-96 JW Legon (Mr. Acheampong)

21-01-96 JW Legon

30-01-97 Christian Council (Mr Acquah)

02-02-96 J W Legon

11-02-97 Christian Council (Mr David Acquah)

14-02-96 C of C Circle

28-02-96 C of C (Bible class)

17-03-96 GLIC Circle

02-03-97 Kofi Obeng Asare (C of C home)

12-03-97 JW Watchtower House (Owusu Achaw)

17-03-96 Library research Legon

21-04-96 C of C Circle Visitors' class

28-04-96 GLIC

28-04-96 Accra Christian Church

05-05-96 JW Legon

18-05-96 JW Legon

16-06-96 GLIC Circle

14-06-96 C of C Circle

21-07-96 GLIC

21-07-96 Word Miracle Church, Circle

28-07-96 Faith Life Min Int, Dzorwulu

04-08-96 Word Miracle Church, Circle

11-08-96 IBWC Kokomlemle

15-08-96 Gospel of Light Bible Institute (GOLBI) - (Mr Yankey)

16-08-96 Catholic Sect (Rv Fr. Kuukure)

16-08-96 Ghana Pentecostal Council (Gen Sec - Rev Ayisi)

23-08-96 Catholic Sect (Rv. Fr. Kornu)

25-08-96 JW Legon

25-08-96 IBWC

26 to 30-08-96 MORRIS CERRULO World Evangelism Mission to West Africa.

08-09-96 JW Legon

08-09-96 Int. Bible Worsip Centre (IBWC), Kokomlemle

11-09-96 JW Watchtower House (Hqtrs), Nungua (K. Owusu Achiaw, Arnold Agboad) - 1st

13-09-96 Watchtower House - 2nd

29-09-96 JW Legon

01-10-96 Catholic Sect (Kuukure, Kornu)

13-10-96 United Church Nungua

20-10-96 JW Mr Bart-Plange (home)

27-10-96 JW Legon

28-10-96 Catholic Sect (Rv Fr Edusei Mat)

01-11-96 Catholic Sect (Rv Fr Edusei Mat)

01-11-96 Catholic Secretariat (Rev Fr. Edusei)

06-11-96 Holy Spirit Cathedral (Rev Fr. Adoboli)

06-11-96 First Church of Christ, Adabraka

08-11-96 CCCG Gen Sec, CAFM (Rev. Yamoah)

09-11-96 CCCG Gen Sec, CAFM (Rev. Yamoah)

13-11-96 LDS Anchor House (Mr Appiah)

17-11-96 LDS Kokomlemle

24-11-96 LDS Tesano (Elders Teller, a Sierra Leonean)

26-11-96 LDS Tesano, 2nd

28-11-96 LDS (Bro Owusu Ansah)

Ss-11-96 LDS (Bros O. Ansah, Danso)

03-12-96 LDS (Owusu Ansah)

08-12-96 LDS (Owusu Ansah)

15-12-96 LDS Sunday service

19-12-96 Catholic Sect (Rev Frs Edusei, Kornu)

18-02-97 Watchtower House (A B Kwakye)

13-04-97 C of C Circle

20-04-97 C of C Circle

28-04-97 Catholic Secretariat

06-05-97 "In the Light" (GTV)

29-09-99 Afrikania Mission (Osofo Kofi Ameve)

00-00-99 Ahmadiya Mission, Osu (2x)

00-00-99 an Islamic Youth organization office in Nima

*ARS, Kasoa Rd

*New Apostolic Church, Darkuman

*Full Gospel Men's Breakfast Meetings, *Caprice

*Presbyterian Church of Ghana

*Methodist Church, Ghana

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