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14.08.2019 Feature Article

How Far Back Do We Go, Mr President Trump?

How Far Back Do We Go, Mr President Trump?
LISTEN AUG 14, 2019

The “America will work again” mantra is good, is an exemplary policy for the development of any country including America, for which Mr. President Trump deserves applause. For clarification though, how far back do you want to go in history as the point of reference? I am sure not as far as to the days of slavery, given the “Go back home” policy that Mr. President has hinted about, including the building of walls to help prevent “illegal” migration?

Prevention of illegal migration is no doubt a good policy for national security; however too much of everything is bad, and also the motive behind such policies could be their better judgment. Much as illegals of anything including immigrants should not be encouraged, so also should migration be also handled with a little caution. Is the fencing-in of your nationals the only way Mr. President can think of. Humans by nature will continue to move about on this fixed-size earth, even as the human population continues to increase; so those who do not mind dying as the risk in crossing the Pacific to come to America will surely not mind scaling the American walls!

It is worth reminding ourselves that even before the Mayflower Pilgrimage voyage in 1620, that moved Europeans to resettle in America, there had been similar and earlier migrations in 1513. This makes White Americans also de facto resettlers like Africans or any other national in the US now! It is noteworthy that the early migrations from Europe were also mainly out of religious persecution, something that is also rife and rampant today.

So how different are nationals of the United States of America from any other asylum seeker or economic refugee in the US now, apart from period of migration for the "Make America Work Again" policy be xenophobic in spirit! Another thing is maybe Mr. President may not want to preoccupy himself with how others will choose to end their lives, but he sure will reconsider how wall building could be inadvertently imprisoning Americans themselves in our Global Village.

Kwabena Ofori-Panin
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