09.07.2019 Feature Article

Do We Have A Philosophy For Football Development In Ghana?

Do We Have A Philosophy For Football Development In Ghana?
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No doubt, when you do things by-heart, you are most likely to get by-heart results. So The Black Stars have become so associated with failures and disappointments because of by-heart actions. You can predict them to fail more than to win a match when it matters most. So as we have been knocked out in Egypt by Tunisia, trust me we will do our usual thing – plenty talk, no new action.

For so long, we failed to recognize that the philosophy behind football development is what we lack in this country. What do we want from football or any other sports for that matter? How do we get it? What do we need to get our results? Over what time and how do we sustain the results?

If anyone has seen a document like that anywhere please alert me. Even if it is there, how far are we going by it? So, as the Black Stars return home many people by now would be calling for a change of coach. Yes, that is what we have used as a solution all these years and it never worked. The poor results persist.

We lack the philosophy for building a winnable Black Stars. Look at the team. They are feeble, their physique is not impressive and does not have the needed stamina. Look at the ball sense; many lacked it. Look at the team play. So terrible you will think whether this is the first time they are playing. Now the major issue. What have we gained over the years from relying on foreign-based players?

DISAPPOINTMENTS. Wouldn’t we have been better off having the same disappointing results using locally based players? At least, we can raise the excuse that they are local players. If we had relied on the local players 4-6 years ago, today we would have built a winnable Black Stars. The solution for a better Black Stars is to develop and build homegrown players. The foreign ones will only continue to bring us to pain instead of trophies.

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