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The illegal Incarceration of Political Prisoners; Dictatorship creeping in Disguise

The illegal Incarceration of Political Prisoners; Dictatorship creeping in Disguise
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It was applaudable when the President constructed the Clara Town to Doe Community road as a way to ease the difficulties and inconveniences faced by dwellers of these communities as they commute to different destinations. Said initiative also served as a cleaver gateway to help espoused the barriers faced by travelers who while en route from Monrovia to Gardnersville usually get trapped in

stagnated traffic for prolonged hours. However, our eyes were in total dismal, and untold disarrayed when we saw a construct of a Monument in honor of the President as a marvelous show of appreciation for his generosity for the construction of the road mentioned earlier.

Because most people are yet to realise that the necessities of change were inclusive of infrastructure development they all still go mad in inauspicious exhortation of public officials when they do simple project. And so many of us didn't view the Monument from a point of mere exaltation but with a lens of skepticism. Having understood some of the mechanistic and mechanics of which Dictators and Tyrants have been configured on the Continent and World stage, we saw the erecting of a glorious monument in honor of the President as a way to start the hortatory praise singing, public worshiping and creating a sacred devotion to the office of the Presidency.

When dictators are being formed they purposively embarked on captivating the strength and resistance of the public by endeavoring on the propagation of a thought of worship and blatant lordship towards the office of the President. They also brand the office of the President as infallible and owes question to not one person who resides in the confines of the infant dictator's territory. Such was the objective view we had on the Glorification of the President in the Veteran Survival scenario.

With less then few months after the President's case of Veteran Survival was yet to dismiss from our thoughts as we struggled on many trails in quest to corroborate the possibility that such case was an incarnation of a Dictatorship. However, we didn't had much to say because it was more of the first kind by his Presidency and so some allegations and red flags were raised to the public, but, much didn't materialize. Many people ignored it and so it was laid to rest.

Few months after, the President revealed another symbol of a novice dictatorship. The president became to name infrastructure projects in his honor and in the honor of his footballing jersey. The 14th Gorbachev market was named, the 14th military hospital was named, with few others. By this, it became clear that the President was a maturing dictator by the day. The pawn being used as a means to dress his dictatorship is what I described as " the Disguise Make-up of a Tyrant."

In the sequential events that kept emanating from the bastion of the Presidency we became to realize that the CDC lead government was quick getting the country on a trend to monopolistic rule in which the President would be the alpha and omega. The regards for laws and respect for public properties were in wholesale derailment. Of this, our concern were ever increasing, the fear of an evolving outburst of a dictatorship became to unravel, the country was rapidly loosing it's statue and structure. The office of the president was becoming the intrinsic magnate of the country's order. Yet many shortsighted folks in the homeland underplayed these conjecture, they didn't listen to most of our whistles we blew, as the case with an intricate love of a person expected to be good overshadows whatever he/she does. The mass of the people were still enthusiastic about their President and such stereotypical love could not enabled them to see much far.

After all of these recent dressed up, it was time now for the original frame of the dictatorship to be placed on, the President became to finalize the last session of his dictatorial make-up as he gets prepared to rule the state with the Gun and the conspiracy- the butchering and pillaging of institutional orders. The President started the illegal appointments and dismissals to offices of government that were govern by existing tenure framework. The President appointed a sitting senator to the supreme Court beach with no consideration for the economy resources it would cause the state with relation to the gap created as a result of said appointment, he also machinated the unconstitutional removel of a sitting Justice only because the person expressed a contrary view in the court when the Serleaf's foisted decision on the people was being tested.. As the dressing of the dictatorship increases both in vibrancy and urgency the President has already circumvented the independence of the judiciary by getting the Chief Justice in the conduit of the disdain Privatization of the country, evidence from the recent triggering of the Justice Kporkor at the recent opening of the midterm of court when Cllr.

Tiawon Gongloe (President of the Liberia Bar Association) reemphasized the bridge of the law that surpassed the unexplainable Removal of Justice Janeh. The President didn't had much of a work to do to capture the posture of the 54th Legislature whose thirst for stolen money is more like an ever open garbage can. He could just sent money as many of those rusty crooks in those houses will come running to his order like a hungry master begging his slave for bread.

The dictatorship has reached a very appreciative course, the Executive by law already works at the Pleasure of the President, the Judiciary has been dollarized that it can dare dispense judgments or verdicts outside the scope of the Foreign Ministry's interest, the Legislature too has joined the looting bonanza, many of the native miserable Lawmakers are current machineries of the President outmost agenda for dictatorial rule while the few ones that are independent continue to suffocate in the inability of the majority to say or do anything of

importance to rescue the failing republic.. From every side, the country presently sits at the beam of President's wish and desire.

Now that the dictatorship has seized the objectivities of the other branches of Government, the dictator has already started the real pillar of unilateral governance- the fighting, killing, hunting and incarcerating of people who threatens the existence and continuity of the Dictatorship. On the eve of June 7, heavily armed officers invaded the University of Liberia main campus with two motif; to instill fear in ordinary citizens who wanted to protest against the manhandling of the country and also to arrest Students' Leaders who have been proactive in mobilizing fifty thousands disenchanted students against the Weah led Dictatorship.

In the execution of such mission peaceful University students were sprayed with tear gases and flogged and brutalized as they fight and fled to secure for life survival. The government illegally arrested the Chairman of SUP along with other students. Based on the unsubstantiated basis of the arrest thousands of Students gathered in the square of the gateway to the Police central office, and demanded the unconditional release of the Chairman of SUP and all other peaceful students that were being help in custody. SUP chairman was ultimately free under the guise of hypocrisy and dame absurdities, but yet, over fifteen students are yet to be restored their civil liberties as they have been frame with multiples manufactured crimes . The dictatorship has has taken almost its real frame and has started to extend her sadistic tentacles, as the case of peaceful Students illegally being held and imprisoned.. The regime has matured to the most vicious and furious state of any Dictatorship- the withholding of political prisoner.

Also, as an addendum to advance the President's singularity on the freedom of the people, even the social media platforms in the country were blocked on June 7 by the directive of the President though said action risk the country in thousands of dollars in revenue generation.

However, the President doesn't care much about what goes wrong in the country's economy once his dictatorship is emplace. This draconian action was to prevent the international broadcast of the Protest through the various social media platforms. Later tactics were also employed to stop people from entering the protest vicinities as the President also directed that protesters who were leaving from across the Gardnersville and Bushrod Island belts for central Monrovia to show the infamous National Identity ID card as a pass to the city. No heed was taken that this action also contravenes the Right to free movement which is a major precepts of Democracy.

From what we have seen and observed in the short while of Weah's Presidency he has used the silence of the people as a piecemeal to transform into a dictator in disguise, thus making the state and society to gradually become intolerant of opposing views. And with much surety one can guess that the country is on the threshold of a despicable Powers Monopoly.

Liberia's democracy is incrementally fading, and the people is halftime away from the rule of dictatorship. If quick and urgent step is not taking by we the ordinary people the gains made in the attainment of democracy will be history. In these times the collective resilient and resistance against detrimental policies and laws of the regime is the only way out..

Resilient and Resistance let's strive to rescue the motherland!! About the Author

Lawrence S. Tuah is a youth and students advocate. He's a sophomore student at the university of Liberia and a militant of the Vanguard Students Unification Party (SUP).tHe can be reached through these means: # 0770563002, email [email protected]

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