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21.06.2019 Business & Finance

Dawa 330kV Substation, Industrial Zone Inaugurated

By Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri
Dawa 330kV Substation, Industrial Zone Inaugurated

The Dawa 330kV substation was built with the use of local Ghanaian expertise in the areas of design, civil works, project supervision at a cost of US$30million.

Built, owned and operated by a privately-owned wholly Ghanaian utility – Enclave Power Company, a subsidiary of LMI Holdings, developers of the Dawa Industrial City.

The substation would serve the electric power requirements of the Dawa Industrial City (DIC), an industrial and business park located on a 2,000-acre stretch of land with a future expansion plan for a potential 20,000-acre real estate development, all of which are located on the Accra- Aflao highway.

This, the Energy Minister, John Peter Amewu said the project is a clear manifestation of a private sector led agenda for industrialization in line with government’s One District One Factory initiative.

The project, he noted, is a demonstration of the current government policy of using the private sector as an engine of growth.

Speaking on behalf of President Akufo-Addo, the sector minister added that the industrial park is a sterling example and demonstration of how the private sector can take advantage of the enabling environment created by government to establish significant business opportunities.

He indicated that a critical component of industrialisation drive has been access to reliable cost competitive source of electricity distribution.

The Dawa sub-station, according to him, is a significant contribution to addressing the infrastructural needs of the energy sector.

“Also the evident demonstration of the overall contributions the private sector plays in the enclave of power distribution in addressing our energy challenges,” he stressed.

Mr. Amewu intimated that his outfit has already commenced processes to renegotiate all power purchase agreements to reduce the burden of ‘take or pay’ responsibility on government to make power reliable and affordable to consumers.

The Trade and Industry Minister, Mr. Alan Kojo Kyeremateng stressed that the project addresses the challenges of access to industrial lands and infrastructure in the country.

On employment, he noted that the project will significantly help government meet the 13million unemployed youth in the labour market through job creation.

He added that the project will further stimulate economic activities not only within the Dawa community but other surrounding communities through service provision.

According to him, the project which is privately owned by a Ghanaian is a clear testimony of the Ghana Beyond Aid agenda.

“This is a clear demonstration that we don’t necessarily have to depend exclusively on aid to propel our development. In other countries, industrial parks are financed by government. But the fact that this is privately financed owned and managed by private investors is commendable.

"When we talk about Ghana Beyond Aid, it does not mean that Ghana no longer need funds to support its development but it means that whatever aid we attract now can only be a compliment and catalyst for our development rather being a financing vehicle that we depend on," he emphasised.

The Trade Minister added that the project will be a major catalyst for Ghana’s involvement in the new project of the African Union—Continental Free Trade Area which is the single largest free trade zone in the world.

“It means that if an investor locates in Ghana, the investor can reach the whole of Africa just through one location in Ghana — duty free, quota free. So I can only hope that this new initiative of AU which will be outdoored in the first week of July that Dawa will become the first gateway of Ghana into the Continental Free Trade Zone,” he stressed.

The Managing Director of Southern Utilities Group, Nobert Anku noted that the development of the substation and the Dawa Industrial City in general provides further support for government’s efforts in encouraging the development of industrial parks to attract manufacturing industries from abroad to come establish in Ghana and thus provide employment and promote economic growth.

He intimated that the successful commissioning of the substation would ensure that Enclave Power Company would be in a very strong position to provide adequate and reliable electric power supply to all industries and establishments to be located on the DIC.

Mr. Anku added that the company would construct a 13MWp roof-top PV solar plant at the Tema Free Zones Enclave planned for commissioning next year 2020— the largest roof-top plant in Africa.

He emphasised that his outfit will collaborate and share ideas and experiences with other agencies such as the Ministries of Trade and Energy in areas such as the 1 District 1 Factory program, renewable energy deployment, involvement of the private sector in power transmission and distribution.

Below are images of the inaugural ceremony:

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