18.06.2019 Feature Article

The Winneba Busybody Independent Parliamentary Candidate!

The Winneba Busybody Independent Parliamentary Candidate!
18.06.2019 LISTEN

My attention has been drawn to a Facebook publication emanating from the current MP of Winneba (Effutu), ostensibly accusing me of political smartness, insinuating that Winneba is King movement is falsely represented under CPP at the Electoral Commission in the ongoing limited registration exercise.

He further accuses me of falsely accusing him of importing voters from other constituencies when I am the one rather doing the importation.

He reiterated his reference to me as a busybody independent candidate.

I will like to state that Winneba is King is a movement. We are not a party. We are made up of both politically affiliated and non politically affiliated persons.

We are keen to police the political process right from the beginning to the end, and nothing will stop us from achieving this goal.

Our members belong to the various national political parties such as NDC, CPP, NPP, PPP, etc.

The ongoing limited registration is a national exercise. So what prevents any of our members from availing himself for his party’s use?

What at all is his problem even if a particular political party has decided to deploy ordinary people to serve as their agents? Why don’t you dzi wo fie as3m?

We are proactively cooperating with like-minded allies in bringing sanity to Winneba.

Our current presence in this limited registration exercise is an activation of a plan C. The reason for operating on plan C at the moment is known to us alone.

We wish to assure the general public that even without cooperation with the other actors, we still have sufficient B-plan or even an A-plan, which are even more potent than the current C-plan, to give him a run for his money.

We also wish to state that we have not imported any, not even a single one, individual from another constituency into Effutu for the purposes of registering to vote.

We still insist that we hold several credible information that the current MP is attempting to import voters from other constituencies into Effutu.

For instance we are aware of the voter recruitment coordinators he has set up. We are aware of the meetings he has personally held with several groups of prospective new voters in Senya, and many other places. We are aware of those prospective voters who have been brought from Assin Fosu and are being camped at locations.

We are keenly monitoring every single one of those subtle steps being taken to sneak imported voters into the register, and will like to assure the public that the political texture in Winneba has changed, and it has changed comprehensively.

And by the way, if you think I am a busybody independent Candidate, why don’t you ignore me? Why are you so busy these days?

James Kofi Annan