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31.05.2019 Feature Article

Re. 'When the body bends the shadow also bends' - the ‘Messianism of Anas'

Re. 'When the body bends the shadow also bends' - the ‘Messianism of Anas'

I hardly read Rockson Adofo’s write-ups but got drawn to this one (When the Body Bends the Shadow also Bends - the ‘Messianism of Anas' - because of the mention of Anas. Having failed to post a comment on it, as the system wouldn’t allow me, I am sending this as a full rejoinder.

Obviously, Rockson Adofo is one of the naïve, gullible and functionally uneducated Ghanaians incapable of critically and technically evaluating Agyapong's cut and paste job “Who Watches the Watchman.” I took the trouble of writing two articles to point out the obvious flaws in it. They are on too, so I need not rewrite what I wrote already.

I was compelled to do so more so because I have a filial relationship with the retired (not dead as claimed in the video) Chief State Prosecutor defamed in the video. It was in the news, reported on Ghanaweb too, that she issued a disclaimer and has sued Agyapong and that case is pending in court. Anas is fully cooperating with the plaintiff for a successful prosecution of the loud-mouthed, money-miss-road miscreant. Meanwhile, it is also known that Anas has sued Agyapong too on related charges. The Agyapong has been sued so many times he'd be spending a long time attending court in the coming months. And he is going to pay out throw his nose eventually when the cases are finished. It appears Rockson Adofo is the only one unaware. Perhaps, he wants to be sued too.

I can report here with 100% certainty that Agyapong’s lawyer wanted him to settle out of court, as the claims were clearly false and the amateurish doctoring of the videos was obvious but he refused, betting on taking his chances on the convoluted and never-ending trial system we have in Ghana.

Anyway, let us take for example these claims he and his henchmen of the shadowing Salis Newspaper with no proper address made:

1. Thee claimed that the case against Hafiz was not tried because the Prosecutor was bribed and failed to attend court until it was thrown out. There are court records to show that the main culprit was indeed prosecuted under Justice Quist to completion and what remained was passing judgment. This was postponed several times by the Judge until the Prosecutor went on retirement, after handing over properly. The case only became "basaa," to use Kweku Baako’s words, more than one year after her retirement. I can confirm that she had to find out what happened too after Agyapong made his false accusations. Anything with what happened to that case after her retirement is the AG’s Department responsibility to answer.

2. There are court records that attempt was made to show the stolen videos given to Agyapong but the defence objected and this was sustained by the judge. It was not the fault of Anas then that they did not become public, as he had even revealed some of the facts in an article. No one can therefore claim a plot to hide them, except the devious person.

3. Anas did not transfer any dollars ($5000) to the Prosecutor, as she does not have a dollar account anywhere. Besides, a mere careful listening to the video clearly shows that she did not ask Anas how much was transferred to her but "…to him", to which Anas replied $5000. The full video must be produced by Agyapong in court to reveal whoever was being spoken about, as Anas was showing her videos and interpreting the Hausa to her when she posed the question. If in doubt because the sound was not audible or clear, anyone with the skills can go online and download the sound using an MP4 to MP3 software and then download a free audio editor to do his/her own audio analysis, just as I had done. Even without that, many people I played the video to all heard "him", not "me," at the end of the question: “Tell me how much you transferred to him.” Luckily, she also used “me” in the same question. Makes it easier to compare the tonal sounding of “me” and the nasal sound of “him” when pronounced. Meanwhile, the voice over claimed she asked how much she would be paid, so she was not even paid yet that puny amount as depicted in the subtitle in the video! That is a contradiction which weak-minded people like Adofo cannot sense.

For these reasons and others, reasonable people in Ghana with better education and technical ability saw through Agyapong's cut and paste video. The Police obviously do. Only gullible idiots like this loud mouth without sense cannot.

Yes, Anas tried to protect Ahmed Suale, just like himself, by asking him to take refuge in his hometown in the North. We read of how he insisted on returning to Accra, against the good judgement of his bosses. Perhaps, the impeding trip outside the country compelled his final move back to Accra, only for him to be sadly assassinated by the rival Mafiosi who have taken over the reins of government in Ghana. Ghana is in a parlous state because of the rampant officially sanctioned lawlessness and corruption. Some of us have lost the last vestiges of respect for the wannabe so-called leaders and public officials and any method to expose these sub-humans is good by us.

I am not here to defend Anas, as he can defend himself, as he has done many times. If the likes of Adofo and Agyapong think he has done any wrong, why not report him to the Police then with the evidence, instead of fabricating evidence against him and defaming him like this? And in the process sullying the hard won reputation of others? Agyapong himself provided the answer: his campaign of calumny and defamation against Anas was ordered by his own NPP honchos alarmed at the exposures of their corrupt ways and criminality!!! Hooooo!!! Criminals ! Your cover is blown!

Andy C. Y. Kwawukume


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