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26.04.2019 Feature Article

A Priceless Fountain from Above

A Priceless Fountain from Above

..."Her daily composure and posture are strong enough to defeat a storm and cloud of anger, sorrow, dilemma and intense depression."

A downpour of testimonies visit the world each time three hundred and sixty-five/six days pass and dance to their tune.

The skies, stars, waves and all the sweet fragrance flowering plants harmoniously grid to give an ever soothing and melodious tune of gay and love, during every celebrative event of her life.

Her daily composure and posture are strong enough to defeat a storm and cloud of anger, sorrow, dilemma and intense depression.

She sees every bottleneck as a telescopic opportunity, and works strategically and diligently to advance the lives of people around her, and the world at large.

Countless thorns of cloudy facial orientation can never stand in her presence, because she has an indestructible lightening image of smile and complete gay, necessary to overshadow any stormy situation in her life.

All her pages of life are full of gratitude, love, constellation of Godly oriented values, diligence, fulfilment and joyfulness.

She magnificently converts impossibilities into feasible, and sustainable generational livelihood folds of "talents" and blessings.

Her personality traits are comparable to none.
Smiling is her hobby, and God's word is the daily manner she hungers for, and primes her brain with always.

One in a sextillion woman, woman 360, woman of substance, are some appellations do many accord her with.

She's the precious fountain the world, and many generations will forever race to and drink from, for a better and sustainable life.

Theophilus Quaicoe
[email protected]


Theophilus Quaicoe
Theophilus Quaicoe, © 2019

I am a final year student of Social Work, KNUST - Ghana.
I am a young innovative writer, activist, resilient change agent, social justice pursuer and currently the project coordinator for Library Impact Project, Ghana.
Email Address: [email protected]
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