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08.04.2019 Feature Article

If I Could Rekindle The Dimming Light...

The Current State of Mother Ghana.
If I Could Rekindle The Dimming Light...
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When the 'world' was down, "she" needed a rejuvenating parachute that could place her on an appreciable tangent point.

Many decades did she suffer victim-traits, insecurity and conditioned social death, but even the accustomed earthly angels of gravitational bank of priceless wisdom disaffirmed her crisis-like plight.

When she trumpeted to her beloved cherished crowd of angel-adversarial minds that she had lost one of her 'sighted strength', they hypocritically and advantageously fiercely pieced the other one, and became highly committed in their mockery gluing mood of bringing her down to 'zero state'.

Upon succeeding in disintegrating, malfunctioning and misdirecting her visionary orientation, she was misplaced on an endless deserted island.

She cried and tweeted in uncontrollable pain, but none was able to sense the direction of her helpless and defenceless vulnerable deplorable state.

Who could redeem her strength and rekindle her dimming spirit, when everyone seems to be so much glued, hooked and deeply-rooted in their domineering dreams...

When all the 'flowers' in the 'garden' are withering progressively, even in high rated rainy season...

When the oceans keep drying up in intense virgin rainy seasons, and have turned into deserted lands, where fishes in the oceans now cry in pain and crawl with their bellies on the ground...

When the highly reputed precious animated forests have lost their sense of ecosystemic lifestyle and accommodating power, and now repelling the magnetic tendencies of all the animals that were naturally-oriented there...

When the mirroring directory flags of society are trampled upon, and insensitively set ablaze with selfish and fleshy desires...

I do not even know whether it is a wall against wall, all against all, wall against all or all against wall.

The premiering and cropping seeds keep on engineering a 'mind of investigative laboratory' of the dimming light of society.

Each time a fervent effort is championed by the cropping seeds, to chart a new paradigm for her, the adversaries rise up in their despairing domineering portraits to intimate and dismantle their visionary lens.

This intense struggle often cripples them and lands them on a very misfortune atmospheric state.

The new channel is that any seed who visualizes the deplorable condition of 'her' and gets assertively awakened to strive and redeem her is fiercely challenged and demoralised by the adversaries.

As day and night passes, her breath becomes shorter, her body gets feebler, and her soul laments and weeps uncontrollably.

She's still waiting assertively with an irresistible hope for the legend who could rise up boldly and break through the chains and shackles of the adversarial walls, reunite and empower her to embrace her pure original state of life.


Theophilus Quaicoe

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Theophilus Quaicoe
Theophilus Quaicoe, © 2019

I am a final year student of Social Work, KNUST - Ghana.
I am a young innovative writer, activist, resilient change agent, social justice pursuer and currently the project coordinator for Library Impact Project, Ghana.
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