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21.03.2019 Opinion

Acquisition Of French As Second Language; Another Out-Of-Place Objective By Gov't

By Joseph Yaw Mawunyo
The Author
MAR 21, 2019 OPINION

For over 62 years, Ghana as a country led by political partisan bias politicians has been misplacing the objectives of this country and the results are what we see in every sector of our economy.

A country’s ability to develop and meet the needs of its people rests solely on our government and our higher institutions, but it seems that these two bodies have made it their duty to recurrently fail even in the little things that you think they should know and be on top of.

Recently, the Foreign Affairs Minister, Shirly Aayorkor Botchwey said that obtaining French as the second language is the major concern of the government and is in line with their national priority. Isn’t that surprising? At this age, making a foreign language the second speaking language is the major concern of our government. And yes, someone would ask, what about the dollar? What happened to liberating the country through the oil sector?

It is very hilarious and sad to know that the government is interested in promoting the learning of French and this they claim is part of the general reform of Ghana’s education. I mean, come on somebody, at this age? I can’t just make sense of this and I feel like our government has gotten to a stage that they have decided to intentionally fail us as I said earlier.

Our leaders lack vision and are not futuristic in any way. They seem to be leading us backward and in all their policies, they look as if they don’t understand a thing about how to pull this country forward. You can’t imagine one of the main reasons the government is going to impose the teaching and learning of French on student is because we are bordered with French-speaking countries.

If we are really serious about our development and are serious about giving the people of this country what they deserve, learning French because we are surrounded by Francophone countries shouldn’t be our priority. Sad, very sad, it’s like they are not seeing where the world is heading.

This move by the NPP government will be remembered in history as the saddest and the most incompetent decision by a government in the age of practical science and technology. A generation where innovation is taking the lead and building nations, our own government decided to take us back to learning French, ‘common’ French.

If we are looking at general education reform, shouldn’t we fine-tune our attention to science and technology, innovation and science, and even if we think our development lies in the hands of a language, should it be French? What about our own local languages or even learn some Chinese or German or something.

I am very sad for the future of this country. The priorities and objectives of our leaders are threats to our development and they keep doing this flawlessly as if they lack common sense and wisdom. They have no interest in bringing about the change they preached on their political platforms.

You should be sad for this country too, and if you are not, you are part of the problem we are facing because people like you would go on and vote for these loud and empty self-seeking politicians to continue misleading us.

This is Jym.writes, and I am not speaking for any political party.

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