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11.03.2019 Parliament

Row At PAC Over Health Minister Dodging Committee For Questioning

...ordered to appear or else
Row At PAC Over Health Minister Dodging Committee For Questioning
LISTEN MAR 11, 2019

The Leader of the Public Account Committee in Parliament, Hon. Dr. James James Avedzi has charged at the Health Minister, Hon. kwaku Agyeman Manu for consistently failing to appear before the committee anytime, he (Hon. Agyeman Manu) is invited to answer questions regarding his Ministry.

According Hon. Avedzi, Hon. Agyeman Manu has occasionally been dodging the committee anytime he is invited to appear for questioning on critical matters pertaining to his ministry.

Hon. Avedzi expresses anger that the minister has failed to tell what exactly is preventing him from availing himself as someone who has once been the leader of the same committee.

According to the PAC leader, the Minister has been invited to the committee to give explanation on and to account for the money allocated for the ministry in 2016.

Just as Hon. Avedzi ended his registering his complaints before the House, Hon. Kingsley Aboagye Gyadu who is the Deputy Minister for Health responded to the complaints by challenging what the PAC leader said were mere assumptions which were not viable.

He added that "Hon. Agyeman Manu has not intentionally decided not to present himself before the committee, but rather had some other press issues to attend out Accra."

The PAC leader, Dr. Avedzi then threw back at Hon. Aboagye Gyadu to explain to them if he (Hon. Aboagye Gyadu) could be in the position of answering all the questions for the Minister in his absence but declined to answer.