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07.03.2019 Feature Article

62 Years After Independence In Ghana, A Period To Increase The Range Of Human Choices And Reap Our Retirement Benefits

6th March 2019 celebration marks the 62 years after independence. And It should be the period to reaping our retirement benefits and citizens enjoying a comfortable livelihood. That is to say, independence is about having sufficient means for a comfortable livelihood.

The celebration of Ghana's independence should not be made to appear like a mere exercise or a formality.

Rather, it should represent a reflection of what triggered the need for independence.

Independence celebration should demonstrate a comfortable life of citizens. Anything less makes it an independence curse. Independence day should reflect the ingredients of independence which our

forefathers yearned for and fought for.

Happiness, peace, Justice, freedom that they wanted Africans to enjoy. They did not want the African child to be treated as second fiddles. They did not want the African child to be seen as a tabula rasa. They wanted African

children to be seen as equally capable of competing with the continents and control their own affairs. That is the liberation of Africa Dr. Kwame Nkrumah envisaged.

When we look at the countless number of people who stood in the roasting weather to celebrate mother Ghana, that shows the zeal in Ghanaians and the happiness of a free state.

Yet things are really falling apart. Old men are still in offices and blocking the chances of the youth. Selected few are enjoying exorbitant privileges at the expense of the tax payer.

Things are falling apart, the situation thus standing because these leaders in whom we trusted too much have turned against each other striving for leadership.

Whose gonna care for the poor vagrants on the streets who beg for foods and sleep in kiosks and ghettos. If leaders are insensitive and indifferent to the suffering of others, then Our independence is a "polished slavery", slavery in disguise. The bourgeoisie continues to exploit the proletariats(A landlord/landlady taking astronomical money for a house with no proper housing facilities), the rich continue to be richer and the poor continues to be poorer.

If our independence and it's accompanying phenomenon such as democracy and the leadership structures it carries, allow some selected few to sleep in big mansions and luxurious cars to the detriment of the masses and make majority of its citizens beggars, then the independence we celebrate is a camouflage, it is slavery in disguise.

If you are a leader and your biggest dream is to be in luxurious cars at the suffering of others, then you are the poorest man on earth. Ambassadors of poverty are the political elites in air-conditioned chambers and exotic cars with tearful stories of rip-offs, tucked away from their impoverish constituencies, lying prostrate With death traps of roads, unwholesome water for drinking, Candle for light, Underneath trees as schools, blatant lies and promises as policies. Such a person is as poor as a church mouse. In fact, he has a poor mind.

Today, the black man is not fettered and physically mistreated by the whitesmen . Instead, politically, emotionally and psychologically the Black man is ill-treated by his own black man. Anti-slavery international Report shows that 40.3 million people are in modern slavery across the world. 9.1 million people are in modern slavery in Africa and 4.1 million people in slavery are exploited by governments.

In Ghana, most graduates are forced to work against their will, people are recruited for the purposes of exploitation. Politicians harboring people for the purposes of exploitation, using violence, threats or coercion through groups such as Delta Forces, Invisible Forces terrorists, and many emerging ones.

violence and threats is a common phenomenon in Ghana. There are countless number of impoverished communities and people who drink dirty water like "dogs". It's crystal clear that beyond every successful and wealthy politicians lies a poor person who will have to borrow money for medical treatment and falls into debt with no hope of help from corrupted authorities.

Today's slavery is more of people being exploited and completely controlled by politicians and are unable to leave with limited choices.

Additionally, responsible minds waste their time on specious and hazy argument trying to win a point even if all fact are against them just because of politics. Even responsible literates think in the lenses of NDC and NPP instead of waking up and smelling the coffee. Justice and truth has faded to the shadows realm.

It is good to be politically active with the hope that we can change society or government for the better but we don't have to sit back and relax thinking that politics can change our lives for the better if we are not willing to trigger the change that we are looking for. Bad politics can destroy lives more than you could imagine.

Graduates who should know better are used as a bait or a tool by politicians to achieve their hidden political motives.

Let's eschew political football and political fanaticism. Let's do away favoritism and nepotism if we believe in our motto "freedom and justice".

You and I can do something good for mother Ghana. You and I have a role to play in the change that we are looking for. You and I can make Ghana reach the zenith of development and It requires a change in the individual level of consciousness and a stronger constitution and rule of law which will not allow corruption to thrive and rife.

Thank YOU

Prince Ayerakwa.

A concerned citizen.

Prince Ayerakwa
Prince Ayerakwa, © 2019

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