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Opinion | Feb 11, 2019

Let Me Tell JM What The Ghc50b Debt Has Been Used For

Former President Mahama
Former President Mahama

It is so amazing cos of cheap politics, 9 months impregnated human being like former President Mahama has no shame.

He, to me, is like a desperate hen after a smart cockroach who rushes to hide in the bosom of python.

Recently, JM was heard asking the whereabouts of some GHC 50billion borrowed by the NPP govt in 2yrs. This has since become another song every NDC member is always singing at every opportune moment; as if they don't know what the money has been used for?

He should be ashamed that upon all the mess he created for the NPP to inherit, the Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo led govt has done a lot he has refused to see.

Time won't permit me to give all spendings but let me remind JM the following:

  1. A whopping amount of over GHC 11billion was used to save the deposits of 7 collapsed banks, a canker he created.
  2. Over GHC 3.5billion used to settle his legacy debts to road contractors.
  3. About GHC 5billion for his mess in the energy sector
  4. Over GHC 1.2 billion NHIS he left has been cleared.
  5. Over GHC 400m arrears at the Ghana School feeding Secretariat has been cleared
  6. Some over GHC 20m teachers arrears has been cleared.
  7. Some GHC 1.2billion labor pension arrears has been cleared.
  8. His legacy debt of about GHC 130m to our peacekeepers has been cleared.
  9. Some over GHC 280m used to revive AngloGold Ashanti, a company he deliberately collapsed.
  10. About GHC 3billion Getfund arrears he piled has been cleared.
  11. Some over GHC 400m used to settle customers of DKM, a Ponzi scheme he supervised and later collapsed.
  12. About GHC 11m was used to renovate Accra Sports Stadium, a national facility he left to deter.
  13. About Ghc 3.1b Statutory Funds (DACF and others), Capex, Compensation and Goods and Services has been cleared.
  14. As captured in the 2017 budget, a whopping amount of GHC 17.55b was used to service interest payments on the numerous loans JM had incurred.
  15. In 2018, an amount of GHC 14.9b was again used to service interest on loans Mahama had incurred on this nation.
  16. Some GHC 230m was used to clear his legacy debts at the Scholarship Secretariat.
  17. The list goes on over and over and over!!

Now John Mahama and his NDC should check and know that their bad leadership has taken more than half of the said amount before we've gotten to where we dey now!

#NDC, worst than Satan!!

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Richard Sarpong
Richard Sarpong, © 2019

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