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31.12.2018 Press Statement

Press Statement On The Happenings In Western North Region

By Dawda Eric
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We are by this statement drawing the attention of the general public In respect of " self seeking moves" and personal aggrandizement by group of people who have arrogated to themselves none-existing powers in so far as the creation of western North Region is concerned. We are also aware of a secret agenda by the western North secretariat to create a family hegemony over political authority and stakeholders in a manner which berefit logic and common sense. Every single individual who had the proposed Region at heart played his/her role from the very first day the constitutional process was triggered for the creation of our Region and therefore, any subtle attempt by some individuals to undermine these roles would not be countenanced" if and only if" we want unity to be able to execute the underlying objectives for the creation of the region.

On the 28th of December, one retired lieutenant Colonel A.Aduhene secretly issued an invitation letter to all MCE's within the proposed region with Reference number,WN/SEC/A/4 for a meeting to decide on the following (a) Report of the secretariat(b) selection of regional capital(c) proposed change of name for the region(d) *submission of list for appointments*(e) Request for creation of New districts(f)show of appreciation to government and commission of inquiry(g)honoring of donors(h)dinner for chiefs and prominent citizens(i)other matters. It is a notorious fact that, when one side steps his or her bound(s), the said individual ought to be whipped in line. It is against this principle that, we are seeking to whip the western North secretariat in line because, if care is not taken immediately,the slippery path they have decided to walk would erupt a serious volcanic fury. In this piece, we are going to speak to the specifics and challenge the status of the western North secretariat concerning what they are seeking to do particularly on "submission of list for appointment within the confines of the law and logical reasoning.

First of all, the secretariat is not a creature of law neither is it recognized in any statute and for that matter, they have no locus to preside/ decide items captured on their invitation letter. It is our considered opinion that, this is a clear scheme as seen on their agenda, a blatant attempt to undermine the sacrifices of those who worked tirelessly during the entire process. If they claim they have the said locus, they should quote any authority that backs them to do what they are seeking to do. It is also quite intriguing that, on the said secret letter, they copied a steering committee. The simple question we want to ask the secretariat is, Which law created the said steering committee? Who appointed members of the steering committee they referred to in the letters?. What was the exact mandate of that purported steering committee. We seriously need answers from the so called western North coordinator.

Let it also be put on record that, the Western North secretariat whose purported functions in this whole hoo-ha cant be traced in anybook received donation from entities of which these donations havent been accounted for in terms of its expenditure. What is more incriminating is also the fact that,not even a single receipt was issued to support monies received by secretariat for the purpose of accountability in clear breach of the Financial Administration Regulation,2004(LI 1802). The monies were donated with the idea to support the activities of the creation of the Region and so common sense should have informed those who received the donations that, since the said activity was a public activity,the donations became a creature of a "public fund" and by extension, those who took custody of these monies became public officers by definition.[ see Public Financial Management Act,2016(Act 921)]… We are very much aware that, the secretariat on their own parochial demands requested an amount of three hundred and twenty five thousand united state dollars from Chirano Gold mines to be used for publicity in lieu of the campaign to create awareness on the creation of the region. If there is something to be done by the secretariat, it should be serious accountability pertaining to funds entrusted in their care. In all these brouhaha, Sefwi Wiawso Traditional council cannot be left off the hook because, they are also on record to have received an amount of one hundred and fifty thousand Ghana cedis from the ministry of regional integration( 1.5billion old Ghana cedis) for publicity of which same hasnt been accounted for.

Notice is hereby served that, In the coming days, we are going to activate the necessary law of Ghana to get officers within the secretariat criminally investigated in line with probity and meticulous accountability if they fail to render accounts to the good people of Western North.

What is more disheartening is also the fact that, part of these donated monies were used to complete personal buildings of the so called Western North coordinator in anticipation of its usage as a collation center in contravention of its intended purpose. At the end of the day, the results were collated at the EC's collation center. If indeed we want to fight corruption and its associates, these are some of the issues we need to tackle as a country. People cannot use the creation of Western North as a means to enrich themselves in such a bizzare manner which goes beyond thievery. We are by this calling on the secretariat to do the needful by making their income and expenditure account public for the sake of accountability in accordance with basic accounting practices. Let this not be seen or miscontrued as an attack or an aspersion on some ones integrity but an issue of legitimate concern we want people to be aware of.

The evil machinated agenda as stated on the secretariat's letter has the propensity to cause a serious division in the region either politically or "ethnic conflict if it is not checked and stopped for want of time .

In view of the above issues raised, we are calling for the dissolution of the Western North secretariat in order to curtail the none-existing powers they have unconstitutionally arrogated to themselves.

Dawda Eric(Equity)
Sefwi Wiawso Constituency
[email protected]