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09.10.2018 Feature Article

What Needs To Be Done

What Needs To Be Done
LISTEN OCT 9, 2018

I recently phoned in on a radio program that was specifically addressing illegal migration. The guest speaker exhibited a lot of in-depth knowledge. It was as though he was reading my mind. The host of the program asked me an interesting question after I had finished with my input.

The question was: 'What would you tell the president, should you be granted a face to face encounter?' Interesting question right? My answer however, was simple: 'I have nothing to tell the president. He knows what to do.'

Well, I said that. Yes, I have nothing to tell the president. He knows what to do.

For those who have been friends and acquaintances, you would all bear witness to my numerous articles covering various issues. Till date, as has always been the bane of our society, nothing much has been done.

My notable success might be the commendations I have received, as well as the attacks and insults. That is Ghana, my beloved country. We keep talking, but no action.

I have nothing to tell the president because indeed, he knows what to do. Like most of our elected or appointed leaders, they know what to do. And like them, we know what to do. The real question is, why are we not doing what ought to be done?

We keep talking about research, planning, policies, enforcement or implementation, personnel, experts and expertise, and on, and on, and on. The reality however is, we have them all. There is nothing new to be done. Archimedes already developed the principles. So did Leonardo Davinci. So did Socrates. So did Isaac Newton. Our local inventors have played their own parts.

The numerous policies we talk about, and keep adding to without enforcement. The various government supposed interventions. The numerous radio discussions. The numerous debates. The numerous demonstrations. The numerous campaign promises. All, unfulfilled. And for those fulfilled however, we have our various individual reservations.

I have nothing to tell the president because he knows what to do. Most of our leaders have travelled far and wide, and continue to do so. They are very much aware of the various developmental and infrastructural milestones being chalked elsewhere. They are aware of the various policies or interventions behind these successes or achievements. Let's not forget our recent fascination with Rwanda! Right here in Africa. Not to sound condescending but I must ask: Are they supernatural? Are they not ordinary humans like us?

What is wrong with this nation? What is wrong with our leadership? And of course, what is wrong with us?

We definitely know what to do. But we choose not to do it. We keep talking about experts for this and that. Keep hailing accolades. In the end however, what do we have to show for it? A nation that keeps failing its people.

If we want to get it right, it starts with us. Do we have the will to do the right thing? Because we know right, from wrong. We keep talking about enforcement but as we all know, that is an issue better left unsaid.

For our failing healthcare, poor sanitation rotten roads, upsurge of crime and lawlessness, housing deficits with its associated canker, increasing slums, increasing unemployment, persistent floods and other human-made disasters, it's all about us.

Enough of the excuses. Our leaders know what to do. They must be held to higher standards. We must all be held to higher standards. We know what to do. The right thing must be done. It starts with us all, from wherever we find ourselves. Do what is rightly required of you today; your quota. If we all would, this country would be like the Malaysia and Singapore we keep talking about, and keep comparing ourselves to.

Right from the days of the Osagyefo, this country has always had a development plan. When it comes to national policies, we would be amazed at the numbers and types.

As always, governments come and go, each in pursuit of their various agendas, to our disadvantage. In the end, what do we have? An impoverished citizenry who seem clueless of their predicament.

But again, what do I know? It’s my opinion after all.

Anna Esi Hanson ([email protected])

Anna Esi Hanson
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