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27.06.2018 Feature Article

Cleaner GH Card

Cleaner GH Card
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For A CLEANER national ID card: Can the Minority Parliamentarians and those against the present Ghana Card requirements explain this, if they are really for a "Cleaner one-for-all Ghana Card"!

How did those without passports or birth certificates qualify for their VOTERS CARD in the first place?

Is it not by same two GUARANTORS as demanded now by NIA?

Are the opposers not scared because of the stricter monitoring to weed out the earlier possible partisan considerations and influences?

It must be noted that this national card exercise is ongoing and has NO DEADLINE as in that of the Voter's Registration.

At the local level, a registrant would easily be known by many genuine Ghanaians, if that is preferred to having a birth certificate.

Since particulars of GUARANTORS/VOUCHERS for registrants will be recorded, NIA could relax and use the SNNIT particulars, property titles, etc for the initial and community leaders for the vouching.

Patriotic Ghanaians will not have issues with this exercise as it is now!

Kwabena Ofori-Panin
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