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24.06.2018 Feature Article

Evolutionists, Check These

Evolutionists, Check These
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The evolution theory claims that a particular organism/creature could be affected by mutation (a beneficial deformity of sorts) setting them apart from their peers. This mutated one would outlive their peers till their peers are even exterminated, owing to the survival advantage of the mutation. That is how the simple life forms have developed from a simple ameba-like form through fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, apes, Neanderthals, to the now near-perfect human beings over billions of years!

If the mutations guaranteed the survival of the particular specie, then it means the un-mutated ones of the group will be exterminated eventually. This also means that all earlier forms of life might either have mutated on to another advanced form or died off. If this is the case then ameba, the star-fish and all would not be found in existence now. They are however very much around healthily living on like no man’s business, with the humans that they should have mutated and evolved into. Why is this so, Atheist/Evolutionists?

On the claim of time/periods/epochs, how can billions of years be quoted with certainty? Is it not more a guess work or at best an estimation whose credibility is even less acceptable than historical facts (genealogy, places, events/festivals) that continues to date! Is the Middle East (where the creation account and the follow-ups happened) not exhibiting enough of these FACTS, to those who are genuinely seeking the TRUTH on Creation. After all historical events like slavery, discoveries happened when none of us living now was around then, but do we not take the say-so and passed-on accounts as reliable enough for use?

What have been the mutations for evolution in our recent millennium? Albinism or humans with tails, one of which was removed from a teenager in India in 2016 or which? Or this generation will not be lucky to observe any if these are not examples of mutation for evolution? Or possibly the pigmies and giants among us could be taken as examples!

Seriously speaking, these anti-creation non-religious groups looking at the beauty, intelligence and design-appropriate aspects of the human being and other creatures, and are boldly saying that these happened by the “BANG” chance/accident! Or could it be that this chance/accident process is what some of you apply in your research, inventions and manufacturing now? If not, why not?

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