98% Ghanaians Undoubtedly Said No To The US Military Agreement But Cabinet Said Yes

Feature Article 98 Ghanaians Undoubtedly Said No To The US Military Agreement But Cabinet Said Yes
MAR 25, 2018 LISTEN

I am not a Ghanaian because I was born in Ghana but because Ghana was born in me.

Apparently I have always demonstrated that we find a Ghanaian solutions to our problem and that this can only be found in the corporate unity of Ghanaians across various ethnic and political colors.

When we begin to exhibit our political emotional colors on sensitive political issues that is hazardous to our wellbeing we weaken our unity as one people and we lose our immunity against Mediocrity in the World.

We must grow above mediocrity and put GHANA first and not our political will that often create instability and hopelessness.

Once again the country is sharply divided. The typical political grandstanding is in full force over a defence cooperation agreement between the governments of the United States and Ghana.

Our National sovereignty is not for sale and cannot be for sale at any price. The Ghana beyond aid campaign as I always say starts with our leaders and this agreement whether it has happened before or not must not find space in our rudiment of growing beyond Aid.

Parents that are money conscious in handing over their daughters in marriage will one day hand them unknowingly to a woman abuser. This satire can never be likened to this "controversial Ghana-US military agreement" but I'm forced to place such in that context.

My focus isn't on the content of the agreement but rather the bases that informed our decision to accept such agreement and most importantly the numerous opposing plebiscite or referendums demonstrated by Ghanaian citizens within our social media space and on our streets.

I decided to run an observation survey and private based interviews and unsurprisingly , the following were the result i gathered out of my Desk studies.

1. Out of every 50 Posts on Facebook and WhatsApp I read and come across ,only 2% sound positive about the US - Ghana Military agreement. The 98% of these Posts strongly and undoubtedly oppose this deal and are calling for it be disapproved.

2. Out of these Post, approximately 98% of the comments that follows are strongly opposing this deal.

3. In general , about 85% of the youth engaged in these social media demonstration and seems to be satisfied.

4. For my Private based interview , I consciously interviewed 10 NPP affiliated youth about their views and exactly 20% were for it but the remaining 80% felt disappointed.

“There is nowhere in the world that Americans have created its military base that peace have prevailed, there is stability, there is peace and there are no terrorist attacks, nowhere in the world . . . there is instability, there is terrorist attack, there is turmoil everywhere, anywhere that there is a US Military base,”

The above assertion was made by our Learned Kwasi Pratt and coming from such a knowledgeable journalist of facts, i settled to use his argument as my next research. So I looked out for countries with US-Military Base and below are some lists:

South Korea out of many other countries
You can do the conclusive confirmation by yourself if indeed Mr. Pratt was right.

I think our incumbent government failed to listen to us and the major stakeholders on this very sensitive matter.

The big Question is....what can we do NEXT ?
Justice Offei Jr
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