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February 19, 2018 | News Religion

Legon Baptist Church Launches 35th Anniversary Celebration

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Legon Baptist Church Launches 35th Anniversary Celebration

The Baptist Church of Legon in the Ayawaso South municipality of Accra over the weekend launched its 35th-anniversary celebration in a grand style.

The church was established in the year 1983 and the anniversary celebration is on the theme "Celebrating God's Faithfulness ".

In an interaction with the Head Pastor, Rev. Samuel Pimpong, he expressed joy over how far the Lord God had brought the church.

He urged the general public to join in the celebrations with the Church as they celebrate God's faithfulness.

Rev. Samuel Pimpong advised both the church and the youth to humble themselves before God and seek the kingdom of God.

"They should humble themselves before God, stay away from worldly life and material things such that they won't fall victim to temptations," he emphasised.

He further charged all ministers to proclaim the good news to all political parties regardless of who or where they are, including Christians who are politicians to also proclaim Jesus Christ.

"We should learn how to unite the church and the country, and every decision taken in the country must be influenced and impacted by the gospel of Jesus Christ," Rev. Samuel Pimpong stated.

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