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03.07.2005 General News

Murder of 3 Judges -What you would not like to hear

Yaw Abbas

Fellow Ghanaians

We mourn the loss of any grannie who is even over a 100 years of age. We mourn when a woman has a miscarriage of an advanced pregnancy. I personally remember weeping when listening to the GBC commentary of the burial service of Justice Nii Armah Ollenu. I equally shed tears during the solemn ceremonies during the burial of John Archie Casely Hayford (?) and tears freely flow down my cheeks when Maj-Gen Mensah Wood was being buried. Just on TV or on Radio. I do not know, personally, any of the above dignitaries.

So we do not love death. I take no pleasure in the death or killing of people. But for some deaths during June 4 and early PNDC rule, no force on earth could have stopped them. It was a volcanic action. Fellow Ghanaians, there are some people who, when they hate you, that's that. No reverse of mind. Events of June 4 and 31 December were better reconciled and not PROBED. This probing will be RE-PROBED and RE-REPROBED by generations unborn.

I do not have a vote, nor do I seek to win any politician for or against JJR with this piece. Who on earth says JJR has not apologized to Ghanaians over the wrongs of these dates? Please ask GBC to replay their recording of events which took place when the State organized a National Program honouring EPHRAIM AMU (alive) at the NATIONAL THEATRE. I cannot remember the exact date, except I come back to Ghana to check my books. But it was between 1992 and 1994. Amanfour, JJR apologized to Ghana! JJR appeared very sober and was shown barely sobbing.

Murder of Judges: My sympathies to the families. But where does JJR get involved in these at all? Only because it occurred under his PNDC Government. I was working at GIHOC Steelworks under Dr William Sam (General Manager); Dr de-heer Johnson (Admin Manager); Capt de-Graft Yeboah (Head of Personnel) and Addison (Divisional Accountant). Tema Steel was under Ghana Industrial Holding Corp (GIHOC) located at Labone, Accra. GIHOC Managing Director was Dugan; Board Chairman was Brig Nunno Mensah; and Director of Personnel was Major Acquah. Major Acquah was the in-law of Brig. Nunno-Mensah. Nunno-Mensah's little brother was believed to be Annan Mensah who was at Electrical Shop and lived at Tema Newtown.

Now draw the line form here.

Major Acquah: GIHOC Director of Personnel (Under Dugan). GIHOC Workers Branch of ICU of TUC organized a demonstration during PNP rule. National Chairman of the Union was Joachim Amartey Kwei. Our leaders were arrested over alleged excesses during the demonstration at Parliament. They were sent to court. They were tried by the late 3 MURDERED Justices of the Bench. (Judicial Secretary, please prove me wrong). They were sanctioned by our Personnel Director Major Acquah. Verify these records and prove me wrong!!

When December 31 struck, the PNDC was formed consisting of a Former Justice of the High Court, a Student Leader, a Reverend Father, Ordinary Soldiers, and a Trade Unionist. Joachim Amartey Kwei was the Trade Unionist. To all those ex-GIHOC Workers who will like to bother to comment, please tell all the world to hear that many of us wanted “JUSTICE” for Major Acquah, the Judges who tried our Union Leaders and even Brig Nunno-Mensah our GIHOC Board Chairman. JJR and Kojo Gbagbladza were not in our Union. If, as members of Government, they provided logistics to our Amartey Kwei for him to do “JUSTICE” to those we found enemies during our demonstration, I cannot say. But all said and done, some of us GIHOC Workers who were peeved by the arrest of our Leaders, felt we should also use Amartey and should eliminate them.

To the bereaved families, including the family of Amartey Kwei, May God comfort you all. The MURDER OF THE 3 JUDGES & THE RTD ARMY MAJOR was the wish of GIHOC Workers like myself. Killing is no good. But please, this has happened. Fellow Ghanaians, let it be. Honourable Ghanaians, and to one DANIEL AMPOMAH who operates the Website “”, all those who are peeved by other atrocities of the two regimes, all those who would not like ever to forgive JJR for having ruled Ghana as a half-caste, please let us move Ghana ahead. I have my own sufferings under June 4 and Dec 31 but do not see any need to publicise these.

Bygones are bygones.

Free JJR and Kojo Gbagbladza from these accusations and hold we GIHOC Workers responsible. May Father God touch your hearts. Yaw Abbas KM 38 Abeokuta Motor Road Sango Otta Ogun State Nigeria