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9 August 2017 | Opinion/Feature

 The Second Thought Of Article 71 Of Ghana’s Constitution (Part 2)

Gyagri Fighton Baalaah

ByIn the previous article, I talked on how important the constitution of Ghana is. The article 71 needs an amendments. The article 71, only favours 0.00178% of Ghana’s population. This has really hurt me and I wish all Ghanaians should support me for the amendment.

The part one of this article only talks about the monetary aspects of the article 71. The part two will talk about other benefits within the article 71. The clause 2 of article 71 talks about other facilities. What are these facilities? According to our politicians, the facilities consist of cars, buildings and securities. Each minister is entitled to two cars, a bungalow, two security personnel and many more. These cars are four wheel drive cars. The bungalows are fully air condition with it interior decoration nicely arranged. If each car cost eighty thousand Ghana cedis (GHS80, 000.00) multiply it by two (2) cars will be one hundred and sixty thousand Ghana cedis (GHS160, 000.00) for only one minister. Ghana has one hundred and ten (110) ministers multiplying it by one hundred and sixty Ghana cedis (GHS160, 000.00) will be seventeen million, six hundred thousand Ghana cedis (GHS 17, 600, 000.00).

They also have other allowances that, they enjoy. The Volta River Authority (VRA) is owing Ghana Gas about five hundred million, three and forty-two US dollars (5, 342, 000.00). According to Ghana Gas Communications Director, the government officials or agencies are owing Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) that’s why ECG cannot pay VRA so that VRA should pay Ghana Gas. The government is looking for money to pay this huge debt. I am even confused that, someone who takes home sixteen thousand Ghana cedis (GHS16, 000.00) does not pay his or her bill rather the one who takes home one thousand, three hundred Ghana (GHS1, 300.00) pays for his or her bills. The nation pays for their drivers, securities and many more. The above money is only for the one hundred and ten (110) ministers alone excluding others that, the article 71 talks about in clause 1. When will Ghana develop, when all these monies are spent on only the ministers?

The ‘ordinary’ Ghanaians as the politicians call us will not be paid well. The 2015 batch of teachers has not be given their arrears. Nurses are not employed, teachers the same, cancellation of their allowances which has put pressure on the ordinary Ghanaian. Parents cannot pay school fees, University students are crying over huge amount of fees. The most annoying aspect is that, almost 90% of our leaders children don’t go to school in Ghana. Because of this, they have spoilt our educational system.

The government has stopped employing workers and wanted to lay off some workers because they can’t pay them. I ask myself that, how much is their salaries that the government cannot pay? Is It one thousand, three hundred Ghana cedis (GHS1, 300.00) which some of us take less? The monthly salary of the Speaker of Parliament alone can employ and pay for thirteen Ghanaian workers. The amount of the two (2) cars can also employ and pay sixty-one ordinary Ghanaian workers. Ghana still has Unemployed Graduate Association. Our political leaders are very greedy, so Ghanaians should wise up and think big?

Some Ghanaians suffering too much, bad roads, poor healthcare, bad school buildings, bad water and many more. These Ghanaians pay their taxes, their utility bills but do not enjoy what they toiled for. In the Upper West Akim District for instance, the people there are not enjoying at all. They have bad roads, poor healthcare and bad school buildings. The whole District don’t have District hospital at the capital town. The road from Akim Mepom through to Akim Nyanoa is in it bad state. The worse of all is the road from Akim Nyanoa to Akim Kumikrom. The school buildings too is in their dangerous state, for instance Akim Abamkrom Islamic basic school and Akim Kuntu D.A Primary school. From Akim Krodua to Akim Takorase road and their bridge is in bad state. Just to talk about a few of them in the Upper West Akim District alone of the whole Ghana. The following questions comes to my mind again;

  1. Is Ghana safe under our leaders?
  2. Do our leaders think about their citizens or think about their own selfish interest?

Long live Ghana!!!
Long live the writer!!!
Gyagri Fighton Baalaah
[email protected]

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Gyagri Fighton Baalaah and do not neccessarily reflect those of Modern Ghana. Modern Ghana will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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