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09.06.2017 Opinion

‘’The Young Need Models, Not Critics’’

Goodnuff Appiah Larbi

Indeed, I know some people will insult and threaten me after reading this piece. They may ask of who I am but that will not deter me from spitting the truth. I am a learner, who inculcates the good behavior from my modeler. "Truth, peace and justice" are my jargons. I pray to walk the talk of it.

I associate myself with the famous quote from Albert Einstein which says “society will not be destroyed by those who commit bad deeds, but by those who watch and do nothing about it". As a citizen by birth, I don't want to keep mute over unpleasant manners demonstrated by some of our leaders.

I feel worried when they escalate their misused etiquette. I want the best for my country and I am very sure every able being will feel proud if Ghana is like Dubai or Britain.

Mentoring is all about sharing experiences, hardships and knowledge to help others best use their innate skills to grow and advance organically.

Success of every country depends more of their mentors since it helps young people, especially At-risk youth succeed in school, work and life.

It has become obviously that "where a child starts in life cannot determine how far he or she climbs".

In effect, those youngsters who didn't start well can achieve higher if only they meet good mentoring relationship.

Young people who had good mentors modeling them report certain higher educational goals and are more likely to achieve best in life than those without good mentors. High expectations and higher educational attainment are key factors in life's success.

Young people deserve quality mentoring relationships that will allow them to more completely realize their full potential.

Through observations, some acts and attitudes in modeling the young today are questionable.

It's so scathe our generation is surrounded by rotten apples as modelers to the young. The future of the youth may be futile when we don’t see good people modeling the young of today and henceforth.

Parents are the first mentor to every child. That's why the Qur’an and the Bible gives obligations to every parent to cater for their ward spiritually.

But it is sometimes unfortunate that, some parents shouldn't have given birth at all.

Imagine alcoholic and cigarette addicted parents, family that has been disorganize including broken homes, parents with violent attitude, criminal parents, etc. How can such parents mentor their children?

Is this what God assigned you to inculcate into the heart of the children?

Parents should take their role as mentor serious for their integrity can be seen from their children.

It's saddening, the actions and words from some of our leaders is more or less perpetual damages to the best of our nation we all seek it to be.

Those who watch and do nothing about it rationally are causing harm to the youth.

I will state it unambiguously that “our leaders fail to perceive the fact that, their immoral words and actions are causing the nation unfavorably".

If a whole honorable member of parliaments' as a law maker can unequivocally say “he only dreams of two things that is money and fight", how do you expect the youth you are modeling to be? It is not surprise such youth has taken cybercrime, murdering and assaults as their professional work and actions respectively.

Let’s not forget about this colloquial phrase “inherited riches without knowledge are like rice sown today in the desert, it only needs time to perish".

If a presidential candidate can mount a platform and verbally say "all die be die" during campaign trial without retracting, is he not promoting violence? Hmm!

These are our leaders leading Ghana today!
Imagine the Montie trio saga, who threatened the lives of our Lords from the superior court, when found guilty, a whole president resurrected article 72 to pardon this contemnors. Where Mr. President chooses legally right over morally right and i am happy you are facing the penalty now. Next time!

Gone were the days, when children are so respectful and obedient. Today because of selfish gain of politics it seems obedience has fallen into an endless dark pit.

If because of power, a young man called Felix Ofosu Kwakye who the NDCs call him "oil Analyst" can call an elder who can give birth to him as "a belligerent braggart... having wet dreams" on power TV and makes proud of such comment without apologizing, in fact i side with Otumfuo for saying ''We have allowed politics to so dominate our lives and influence our thoughts that nothing else seems to matter to us, but the good of the party we support".

Our politics in Ghana is "dirty"!
These people can stand anywhere and hit on their chest they have mentor the youth before.

Was this the best to model the youth?
The evil order from Denkyira Oboasi Assembly man makes him one of the stupid Men on this planet since God created heaven and earth. How can you accuse someone as armed robber without evidence?

"What's good for the goose is equally good for the gander".

God have mercy on him and his accomplices.
If holding a gun tells your so called trained conscience it labels one as a criminal, then why don't you lynch your father who go for hunting during the night because he doesn't go for hunting with empty hands, definitely there must be a weapon.

All these leaders claim they are modeling the youth for brighter future.

See the curse you have brought to your own town!
A student I am, as a straw that stirs the drink or add catalyst to justice delivery in students’ affairs. I was really absurd and stunned when leaders who stands in front of us, teaches, advice and control our affairs fail to allow the right thing to be held.

I'm shocked for tertiary institutions who taught people to be democratic and be doing the right thing at the right time in a society they live when such leaders never set good example for the students to imitate.

UDS NAVRONGO CAMPUS where an election was held within a judicial board and the Chairman change the results without informing the board.

Through investigation, it was allege the decision of the board based on article 37(2) of UDS SRC CONSTITUTION which states; "The decision of a properly constituted sitting of the Board in all matters shall be by a simple majority" was changed.

The Vice Dean called the board and asked for the correct results and facts were confirmed to him by the board with a proof of report.

Instead of such mentor to make the corrections, he failed to do so. Neither was the Judicial Chairman called to book.

So what at all are they calling the student populace to do? This let me recall this recent quote from Legon VC “You need enough common sense to access what the student is telling you"-Prof Ernest Aryeetey

If upon diplomatic ways, leaders fail to solve confusion, then it's a beckon, calling for use of ammunitions for solving problems.

‘Academia institution 'behaving' this way’!

So what good impact are these tertiary institutions adding to the growth of our democracy?

Its pitiable students of today don't imitate the competent side of our leaders rather copying and inheriting their corrupt acts.

Student politics has become one of the highly corruptible governments at the tertiary institutions.

They forget to build good political foundation from such institution but take such platform to end their political ambition.

If SRC president can charge level 100’s GHc 85.00 for souvenirs, an increment of GHc15.00 on previous year amount. In the fact that, none of his executives knows the producer nor the contractual details of the souvenirs

It will surprise you hearing that, even his Vice President nor the constitutionally ignoramus GA Speaker knew anything about that.

From original source, he provided Lacoste, the lapel pin and a key holder which was an excess souvenir handed over to the SRC Treasurer by last year’s administration.

Indeed he took GHc 85.00 from over 110 students and he only gave them a shirt while the previous administration charged GHc 70.00 but each beneficiary was given a quality Lacoste, a customized diary, two notepads, a lapel pin and a customized key holder.

Together with the THIRDEYE we ask this question. "So where is the money"?

Hope it hasn't been used to buy sheep or cow for the "successful failure" thanks giving to the gods of Burkina!

Instead of working intelligently in mentoring those at your back, you rather capsize it "where some even want the SRC cancelled. All of these blessing coming from a poor administration like that of "Obiricracy" "[email protected]

You have a lot to do to purify such dirt you brought upon your integrity. “If circumstances hold you back, always find another way to achieve your goals."- [email protected]

You have more to do to defeat your failures. If only you will stop harboring resentments else "don't bring back your past to judge your future" [email protected]

Since you failed to challenge corruption as your duty as a youth. No one hates you, but hates your hypocrite actions since it insults our intelligence.

I take this opportunity to call UDS management to cut sod for forensic auditing Navrongo Campus SRC 2016/2017.

Young people with mentors, especially at-risk youth, have more positive visions of themselves and their future, and they also achieve more positive outcomes in school, the workplace, and their communities.

Job 1:21 says “Naked I came out of my mother’s womb and naked I will return. Jehovah has given, and Jehovah has taken away. Let the name of Jehovah continues to be praised.” (NWT)

Parents, leaders et al, for the good of young people and our country, I humbly bow to plead to you all to exhibit good behavior in modeling the young so they also enjoy true success and joy while on this earth before we go naked to our graves.

My co-youths, let’s all take this advice from Warren Buffett into consideration and meditate on it; “it’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you'll drift in that, direction.

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