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No Independence Celebration And Now No Referendum!!!!!

...All Due To The No Money Sydrome, But Yet Benefits & Salaries Of Government Officials Are Constant……
No Independence Celebration And Now No Referendum!!!!!
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Unfortunately, Liberian awoke to one of the disappointing news ever in this Country history since she was declared an independence Nation in 1847 by the free slaves from the Americas that due to lack of monies the Nation was unable to celebrate her 169 independence celebration in the Southeastern parts of Liberia!

Barely, less than a month plus since that pronouncement information filtering in from sources to the first branch of government the Legislative indicates that due again to the lack of monies the much publicize Referendum that brought together hundreds of Liberians from all parts of the Nation will not be possible despite all efforts to make some amendments to the 1986 constitution!

As per the Liberian constitution, propositions debated by the people send forward to the Legislature said propositions must be pass a year before any given elections such as the pending 2017 Presidential and legislative elections. But interestingly, after the Liberian government spends thousands of hard earn tax payers monies in making sure that the people participate in their constitutional duties their hopes has been dashed for the second time just within a year due to what the government called “NO MONEY”!

The question that come to one mind, is where did the first money came from when these propositions were been pen to paper and send to the relevant authority for approval which led to organizing the forum for these debates that took place in central Liberia Bong County?

Not an economic and will in no way pretend to be one, where there no absolute budgetary allocations before allowing the Constitutional review commission (CRC) taking on this all important assignments geared toward making amendments in the 1986 Constitution?

I am very much sure that, government work according to plans based on advices from the experts who government engaged their services in specific policies making areas before coming out with working plans for the better good of the People?

This issue of the referendum was never an isolated proposal brought out by individuals before they were appointed officials of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) without the relevant authority within governmental circle input but rather collective initiatives by the government before constituting the CRC commission to carry on the referendum as by law!

Since the Legislature has failed to carry on the approval aspect, a year before the Presidential and legislative’s elections what is it the people’s representative at that conference in Bong County will tell their fellow compatriots who mandated them to vote their consciences on those proposals?

Liberians has and continues to attach more important to those in positions of trust them those they have to govern who are some of the mean reasons these officials were in the first place entrusted with their mandates! If a Nation continues to create imperial regime as has been the case since the slave granted independence to her to the detriment of the Nation it keep one wondering why Liberians can’t think outside the box?

What’s more troubling in the governmental circle are that their benefits and monthly salaries are very current and but yet the people’s interest are relegated to the back ground referring to them as no monies to celebrate their independence and have this all important referendum that would have improve their governance system!

Democracy in its practices, as define in my understanding is all about the people’s priorities been place first and fore-more and absolutely nothing else! But in Liberia, it is the reverse order wherein the authorities are those that matters the more in term of national agenda and priorities! A norm that is been accepted from regimes to regimes since Liberia become a Nation and when hopeful Liberians goes to exercise their franchise with the thinking that their plights are about reducing but they always meet up the break waters!

Political pundits are wondering, if politicians of our time especially those in the decisions making positions will ever think about the forward match of this Nation when Nations within the West African basin are moving forward with their agenda in their democracies Liberians are just the opposite!

As Liberian goes to the pools in thirteen months, the why,what,how,who and whom to redeem them from this present predicament that has characterize their infant democracy since her entry among the community of Nations are on their lips of which survey has shown that all hope is lost just from talking with them! As I conclude which way Liberia even with all of those referred to as best brains on the political scene yet the same results?

The author is a Liberian broadcast journalist and write and can be reach @ +231886224134/+231776590725 or Email:[email protected]

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