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Nations That Failed To Place Emphasis On Periority Ends Up Like This!!

Nations That Failed To Place Emphasis On Periority Ends Up Like This!!
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Research has and continues to shows that Nations that failed to place priority on key issues after going through unforeseen situation such as coup detate, civic upheavals’, natural disasters etc ends up more dangerous ever then their first stage.

Setting in my exile home in Accra precisely the McCarthy hill community about six years ago and with the massive supports from the from my information at the time read online with regards to the intention of the International community in making sure that Liberians in totality go through trauma counseling due to the direct effects of the twenty and plus years violence’s which engulfed this Nation Liberia!

Information, had it that millions of foreign tax payers monies were given to the Liberian government in making sure that the people of Liberia returns to normality through psychosocial counseling who were directly or indirectly involved with these routines violences’that its outburst ushered in fourteen years the physical aspects of the continues madness which permeated the Liberian society for decades still counting!

This intention of the international community was geared toward what they thought expedient judging from their own experiences of perhaps similar violence activities that took over their respective nation thus leaving them with no absolute choice but to make provision for the rehabilitation of their respective nation and today they feel it’s one of the best they can ever do for nation such as Liberia that have gone to hell and back!

What the leadership of Liberia, failed in its implementations and didn’t take into serious consideration was that every nation that crosses the red line when it comes to violence especially situation that lasted so long like the Liberian scenario dating as far back as the early 70’s wherein the actors got so used to killing people in gruesome manner weather innocent or not as part of their daily routines needed total reform that leads to these actors integrating into the larger society!

Information concerning these rehabilitations and integration of those soldiers of fortunes was that they only took guns from them for money from those involved! Imagined someone who for almost a decade plus concentration was only based on the destruction and quick medium in getting money no matter the circumstance involving life or not was allow to walked away for just a little over US $ 100.00 at the detriment of the greater society!

The RED LINE mentioned previously has to do with those young men and women who were child soldiers and adults as well that were engaged in the crisis to the letter minds was transfix only on the destruction of life’s and properties for survival with the mind set been their career! And allowing them to walk away without going through those pillars that constitute their reintegration and rehabilitations was the greatest mistake ever in the history of Liberia which the back blast is been felt today by the entire Nation because of the deliberate attempt by few greedy and corrupt Liberians!

What the Nation failed to know was that the conflict produce vices that became habits in the lives style of those of her citizenry that needed to be attended to no matter it magnitude which are today hunting this Nation yet with lip service approaches!

Liberians from all walk of lives can bear me witness; in today Liberia the criminal and other deviant activities challenge the inhabitants any hour of the day in the face of law enforcement officers with the crime perpetrators’ walking away with impunity! Again due to the lack of those that govern placing priority on the cardinal problem that brought the international community to the aid of Liberians as such Liberian are sleeping with their one eye open from the hands of the compatriots that Society has uprightly reject!

Coming back home after been convinced by the government website precisely the Executive Mansion website that all were well and decentralization was the main focus of concentration of the power that be and indeed the Nation after these unforeseen situations will make sure that the (DDR programs) that had to do with the reintegration and rehabilitation of all Liberians which was heavily supported by the international community was not factual but propaganda to encourage Liberians in the diasporas to come home!

The Nation and its people continue to live in fear from the hands of their sons and daughters despite the presence of the United Nation mission here in Liberia and more shockingly my information is that those given the responsibilities to spearhead these activities benefitted immensely leaving the direct beneficiary in term of the training and reintegration to their own faith! Thus giving rise to these soldiers of fortune to congregate in areas been considered no go areas like the turtle base and the rest that those who govern this Nation are aware of and don’t want to be bothered with them!

Liberians don’t deserved this kind of governance system where the State major concentration is only on those in leadership and less attention is given those that give them mandate to govern them as has and continues to be the scenario since I return to this Nation Liberia closed to six years counting! Difference leadership yet the same results since the formation of this Nation that boast of been the oldest in the West African basin yea the African continent!

What simply comes, to one mind is that something fundamentally is just not right and until Liberian can realize to return to the status quote things will continue to be the way it is with the citizenry blaming those they elect but forgetting to know that they (citizen) are their own problems in every sphere of their existence!

When a Nation such as Liberia learn to hold the feet of their leaders to the fire in term of living up to their responsibilities in its totality and don’t allow their tribal egos, cronyism, political gimmicks, blame loyalty and upright stupidity their lives and that of the Liberia will change dramatically for the better for even generations yet unborn! Allow your leadership to place cardinal priorities on the front burner for your total safety and better livelihood then living on crumbs that falls from the tables of these alleged corrupt and greedy politicians that are known as blood sucking vampires who comes to power with ulterior motives!

The author is a Liberian broadcast journalist and can be reach at +231776590725/+231886224134 or E-mail [email protected]

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