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21.08.2015 Feature Article

A Stain of Blood

A Stain of Blood
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In celestial emblems
We carved the Coat of Arms with pride
And cut the umbilical cord of servitude from the slave mongers

The Anthem was hallowed in feisty voices
And elation prevailed even after the yuletide
Little did we know that there were impending murderers

Ghana - the Warrior King - walked on naked fires
And poured brimstones on Queen Elizabeth’s virtual abode

The Big Six trumpeted heroic accolades

We brandished oil-splashed lancets
And offered no apologies to the feeble adage
That fertile minds were possessions of white skins

Our kingmakers
Cannot be faulted for hitting the baritone
And ferried freedom and justice on the coast of gold grimes

There is now a roll call of murderers
And boisterous appendages of the RULE
Are rampaging for more blood to flow like downpours

The tongues of politicians
Are razors of bile;
As poisonous as diseased syringes and needles

From the corridors of life-savers
Is a call for more war songs to force
The watershed spurt its banks

The Coat of Arms
Are stoking spite
Whilst the Medicinae Doctor beats the canvass with bloodstained bristles

The dead seas
Can no longer hold the viral blood spillage
There is a stain of blood on the land and we are counting fallen peasants!

Adama Bukari
22:43 CET
Somewhere in Europe

Adama Bukari
Adama Bukari, © 2015

Adama Bukari is a crusader of social justice and human rights. Column: AdamaBukari

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