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22 July 2015 | Feature Article

The Legacy Of The Late Professor John Evans Atta Mills

The Legacy Of The Late Professor John Evans Atta Mills

Once upon a time in the political history of the Republic of Ghana, there was a Head of State called Professor John Evans Atta Mills who was the 3rd President of the 4th Republic. Before ascending to the high office as President of the Republic of Ghana, he was Vice President to former President John Jerry Rawlings during the early years of this 4th Republic. And Professor John Evans Atta Mills was a man of peace, an astute academic and a noble politician who left an indelible mark on the hearts of the vast majority of Ghanaians. Notwithstanding his administrative shortcomings as President of Ghana, his legacy cannot be overemphasised. That is why I would want to outline the unique elements of the legacy of the late President John Evans Atta Mills.

Firstly, Atta Mills was a man of peace not in word only but also in deed. No wonder the good people of Ghana in their own wisdom nicknamed him ´´Asomdwee Hen´´ or ´´Prince of Peace´´. For this is one of the highest honours to be conferred on an African president by his people. In fact, the late Professor Mills tried to secure a peaceful country for all the citizens of Ghana.

Secondly, ´Uncle Atta´ as we affectionately called him was very godly in character even as a president. He believed that the Lord God has utmost significance in the affairs of Ghana. And so he rededicated mother Ghana to the Mighty God with his administration of the county. Above all, he defiantly declared to the west that homosexuality was a big no for the Republic of Ghana.

Also, the late Professor Mills was a revered intellectual who had vast knowledge and experience in tax law being a Professor. This helped him to move this country forward in his first term in office as President of the Republic of Ghana. We had a sound economy under President Mills with single digit inflation, a stable currency, increased quality of education, unprecedented economic growth, improved health care etc.

Moreover, President John Evans Atta Mills was highly anti-corruption while in office as President of the Republic Ghana. He eschewed all forms of corrupt practices in government and fought them with great commitment. That is why virtually no direct financial scandal could be attributed to him which is verifiable in court. Unfortunately, ´´Asomdwee Hen´´ died mysteriously on 24th July, 2012 at the 37 Military Hospital 3 days after his 68th birthday.

And he was laid to rest at the Asomdwee Park few weeks later in the course of the befitting state funeral held for him. Indeed, Ghana has lost one of its greatest Heads of State of all time. Lastly, the legacy of the late Professor John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills, 3rd President of the 4th Republic still lives on and would forever be in our hearts till thy kingdom come.

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