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Caring For All Believers !!!! The Evolution Has An End

Caring For All Believers !!!! The Evolution Has An End
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Dear Believer!

Please cast your mind back into the garden of Eden, before the"temptor" seduced our fore Parents Adam and Eve to disobey God. God before then, had given them a chance to choose life and therefore had a wonderful time with them until the sad mistake (politely put).God and and His creation were at peace.

In His demonstrating that the evolution of the Church will result in the rest of God from His works, and so the result will also enjoy peace and rest with God.

Take a lesson from the creation story in the Book of Genesis." This means that God will rest after He has achieved His plans and purposes with His Creation through the Church as revealed to Paul's teaching in Ephesians.During the six days of creation there were light, air, grass,herbs and trees; there were the sun ,the moon, and the stars. So also there were fish, birds, cattle,creeping things, and beasts; but in all these God did not find rest.

However after making man God rested from all His works the Bible tells us.Oh what a value does God put on man; but Satan has devalued man.Through our Lord Jesus Christ God has revalued man more than before!!!" Hallelujah.And that is the Believer.

So from the sharing so far about believers; is what we will have to appreciate and treat this in no uncertain terms, our God through Christ has been doing to evolve all Believers/Christians back to His original thoughts, value and dwell permanently in man, where man will be one with God but not equal with the Godhead.So this is His covenant, finding no one equal sworn on Himself to achieve just that. This therefore is a VERY SERIOUS MATTER, handling of the believer or the Church with the believers is. Believers are not for dogma or profit making.

In God's recovery by life, under God's secure and unchanging covenant of peace, God's recovered people enjoy peace, freedom, from disturbance of evil beasts (evil persons -----Acts 20:29), full liberty and release from every kind of yoke and slavery (v 27), and security from their enemies (v 28) In the recovery by life, God recovered people not only receive His blessing but also become a source of blessing to others that they may be supplied. Naturally, with the good fruits bearing out of such people the world around them benefits. Under the showers of blessing in season, there will be abundance of spiritual food not only for us to enjoy but also for us to supply to others (vv 27a,29).

Let us not forget that the issue I am dealing with here is “caring for all believers.” How do you think people with full knowledge of Christ won't come to this understanding, which will in turn be of benefit to all of us, including our fellowship.

God's recovered people have God's presence, God is among them, and they are before God always and wherever they will be, whether they will be on their own, with the heathen, and during fellowship (vv 30-31). this portrays the perfect fellowship with God, the fellowship in oneness, in the mingling of God and man, in which we are one with God and He is one with us.

In chapter 35, we also learn of Jesus's continuous judgement of His people. In Edom (v 15). That the judgement in Edom is repeated here (cf 25:12-14) indicate that in the process of God's recovery by life, there is still the need of God's judgement, particularly on Edom, who typifies the old man( as I explained in v 25. because the old man is very difficult to deal with, the judgement on the old man must be repeated again and again, until the day of the redemption of our body ( Eph 4:30). In order to recover us and make us the new man, God must judge our old man, our old creation ( i.e. the way we have lead or developed our natural life and the opinionated prejudices. (ROM 6:6;Eph 4:22-24; Col 3:9-11).

Chapter 36 deals with the aspect of the recovery of the good land. From the high mountains of Israel which is the throne of God speaks to the people of Israel about the recovery of the good land. Note; vv 8-15 and 33-36 speak of the recovery of the good land, which signifies the recovery of the full enjoyment of the riches of referring to my explanation on chapter 8 verse 7.

In between these verses, i.e. 22-33 deals with the aspects of the recovery as I have stated. In the Lord's recovery by life there are two aspects: the outward aspect, as seen in chap. 34, and the inward aspect, as seen in vv 22-33 of the same chapter. In the outward recovery we repent, turn to the lord, and are brought back to the enjoyment of Christ's riches and to God's blessing. In the inward recovery God touches our heart and our spirit and changes us in life and nature.This is the aspect that lives and walks in God;being able to shun the dung which this world with all its beauty. I bet, you might have been lured by the niceties of man's current world, they are vanity. Both the rich and the poor have the same ending in this dung world. However in the life that lives Christ will receive reward and live also till eternity.

In recovering His people, God acts on behalf of His holy name. The inward recovery by life is carried out not because of any merit in ourselves but because God does something in us for His own name (cf. 2 Tim. 1:9; Titus 3:5).We therefore live by the full grace, " which is the Triune God filling us for His Holy name".We should be vested in the Lord to understand, on one hand cooperating with God, and on the other God doing what He does with us single handedly.As long as we have willingly yielded to Him

V 25: ( Dear reader; do not forget that we are still dealing with Ezekiel 34 )A mention of the clean water here refers to the Lord's redeeming and cleansing blood, which is a cleansing fountain (Zech. 13:1). In recovering us, the Lord washes us from two categories of dirty things-- from filthiness, including all kinds of sinful things, unjust things, unrighteous things, and dark things, and from idols.

V 26: In His recovery by life the Lord gives us a new heart and a new spirit. Our heart is our loving organ, and our spirit is our receiving organ. While we are in a fallen or backslidden state, our heart toward the Lord is stony and hard, and our spirit is deadened (Eph 2:1; 4:18). When the Lord saves us or revives us, he renews our heart, making our stony heart a heart of flesh, a heart that is soft and loving toward him (cf 2 Cor.3:3). Furthermore, He enlivens and renews our spirit with His divine life (Col. 2:13). As a result, we love the Lord and desire Him with our renewed heart, and we can contact Him, receive Him, and contain Him by exercising our renewed spirit.

V 27a: In His recovery by life God not only gives us a new heart and a new spirit (v 26) but also puts His Spirit within us, in our spirit, making the two spirits one mingled spirit (ROM 8:9,16) and causing us to be one spirit with Him (1 Cor. 6:17). Hence becoming one with God, and hearing Him including understanding His vision through our spirit, but not equal to the God-Head.

V 27b God's Spirit within us contains God's nature, and God's nature corresponds to God's law. Because we have God's nature within us ( 2 Pet. 1:4), we are able to keep His law spontaneously

Oh what a state we should fear and love our God for even considering to call us who never merited any reward yet found it pleasing to Him to have saved us.So therefore where is the ego of some of us believers or the elders, we will both face the same judgements before the throne. It is not like this world where class or social status will give you privileges ( am I staying that it is not good to strive to be a believer or an elder, its NO; but be fearful like Solomon and treat the people of God as God's own people).

Catch you on our next sharing; may God richly bless you all.