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09.11.2014 Feature Article

A Letter To 'Adamfo'

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My dear Love,
You also know and believe that I love you from the bottom of my heart. It is true that I am always online and have little or no time for you. I am sorry. I am asking God to help me stop this behaviour. I think I need deliverance on two fronts. First, spiritual deliverance and second, economic deliverance. I expect God to take care of the first and the leadership to help with the second. The voice of the people is the voice of God.

My only problem with leadership in general is that, one has no way of knowing a good leader till he is made one. He will govern or misgovern depending on the level of his fruitful experience and competence. Unfortunately some people jump into leadership positions to remain in power not to serve and for this reason, they do not even know when to quit. They are very often forced out. Their best allies in their misrule are useless promisses, clumsy assurances, naked propaganda and outright lies.

My dear, you will be the last person to argue that we are not suffering in this country. I do not think any hell can be more 'hellish' than what I, in particular, am going through now. Kindly pray for me and plead for swift deliverance from the jaws of poverty and penury inflicted on us by incompetent leadership that 'believes' in and preaches the use of made in Ghana goods but their innate corruption makes them buy cheap furniture from China.

I want us to continue our relationship till us death do part. But you very well know that, LOVE cannot be taken away from MONEY. The two must work hand in hand for a sustainable relationship. So, if you have hard time fufulling some of my basic needs not wants, the relationship will not survive a season. Please campaign aggressively for the person you think has tha magic wand to solve our problems. The hardship is unbearable. It will impact negatively on our relationship. Hardly a week passes without somebody committing suicide. As for divorce, we live it.

Yours Eva

Domfeh Kwabena Gyeabour
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