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04.06.2014 Feature Article

The June 4 Uprising: The Day Ghana Came Back Home

The June 4 Uprising: The Day Ghana Came Back Home
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Today, 4th June 2014 marks the 35th Anniversary of the June 4 uprising, the day Ghana changed its course and conceived the current ruling National Democratic Congress, a formidable political party of our time.

On this occasion of June 4, I salute all my fellow Cadres, comrades and all those who have held on to the spirit of the revolution: probity, integrity, accountability and social justice. The June 4 Revolution, irrespective of how you view it, gave hope to our country Ghana and its institutions at the time. Patriotisms, devotion and commitment were the virtues exhibited men and women that eventually changed the course of our country.

Today, all kind of accolades are being showered on Ghana but do we actually know how all started? It was only Ft. Lt. Jerry Rawlings and June 4th movement who brought a clear departure from the abominable norms of our society at the time. J.J Rawlings, in fact, must be seen as the greatest national security assets. The presence of Jerry Rawlings put a stop to all military coups in Ghana since then. This was so because, the June 4th uprising was not financed by stooges and their imperialist colonial masters. In fact, it was undertaken by men of conscience, principle and integrity who were passionate of correcting the canker that was eating up our values and society at large at the time.

The economic conditions before the revolution were very, very unbearable and have been described in some academic quarters as shambolic. In fact the economic degradation that our beloved country, Ghana found itself in was due to the series of military takeovers and equally and importantly the incompetent quasi-democratic civilian regimes that were in control of the nation's affair at the time. I still remember how the state of Ghana looked like before the coming of J. J. Rawlings, the modern father of Ghana. Our industries were collapsed, progressive development projects were abandoned, the Judiciary was a failure, public institutions have all stopped function and in fact, about 90% of our road networks were not motorable. It took me 4 days to travel from Accra through Kumasi to Min in the Brong-Ahafo region.

Those who today, want to distant themselves from the June 4 Revolution can join the opposition to do so. The opposition was and still very much aware of the achievements of the June 4 Revolution and in fact, became scared of its continuous celebration and so outlawed its celebration as a public holiday. Why? Because showing the video of the state of Ghana before and after, on each commemoration day of the June 4, will keep opposition always in opposition.

But one thing remains, that 'the evolution of contemporary viable democracy in Ghana today was based on the struggles by ordinary people led by Flt Lt J. J. Rawlings for political space and voice, initially on a non-partisan basis under the PNDC, and subsequently, in a constitutional framework of multiparty democracy under a government of the NDC. Constitutional democracy, thus emerged on the bedrock of commitment by ordinary people to work hard to produce the nation's wealth, to uphold truth, abhor corruption, and distribute the benefits of hard work equitably for the greater, social and economic wellbeing of all Ghanaians'.

As we commemorate the event, let us all again cast our mind back and renew once again our commitment, dedication and patriotism to mother Ghana as envisaged in the spirit of the revolution and the constitution of Ghana.

Long Live Ghana!

Long Live NDC!!

Long Live Founder J.J. Rawlings!!!

Alexander Bediako


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