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Adekeye Adebajo For President?

Adekeye Adebajo For President?

Dr Adekeye Adebajo is the Executive Director of the centre for conflict resolution, Cape town, South Africa. He became a Rhodes Scholar having bagged a First class degree in German at the University of Ibadan.He should be in his late 40s.

According to wikipedia,The Rhodes Scholarship, named after Cecil John Rhodes, is an international postgraduate award for selected foreign students to study at the University of Oxford.[1] Established in 1902, it was the first large-scale programme of international scholarships,[2] and is widely considered the "world's most prestigious scholarship" by many public sources such as Time,[3] Yale University Press,[4] The McGill Reporter,[5] and Associated Press.[6]

"For more than a century, Rhodes scholars have left Oxford with virtually any job available to them. For much of this time, they have overwhelmingly chosen paths in scholarship, teaching, writing, medicine, scientific research, law, the military, and public service. They have reached the highest levels in virtually all fields."[10]

Quite a handful of Rhode Scholars have gone on to be Presidents, Prime Ministers of their respective countries or held top political appointments.

Is it not time to ask Adekeye Adebajo to return home after service as a diplomat in conflict ridden areas including Iraq and having served as an adjunct Professor at Columbia University.?

HOW EVER SWEET the Journey the parrot must return to its nest ..

On March 25 Adekeye Adebajo launched one of a handful of Books (edited by him)

titled,Africa's Peacemakers, Nobel Laureates of African Descent ..Interestingly it coincided with the Publication of a Book by American President of old ,Jimmy Carter,Adebajo"s book was launched at the International peace institute in New York.

A time like this Nigeria needsnot just a Yoruba, Hausa , Igbo or Ijaw. We need someone to help us with peacebuilding and conflict resolution. AdekeyeAdebajo isonesuch person.A Good Ambassador of his school and a Good ambassador of his country.

I move and let it be moved.