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30.04.2004 General News

Aspiring MP Miraculously Escapes Attack

By BlackStarTimes and Ghana Community News
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Kumasi, Ashanti Region, --An aspiring Candidate for Ghana's Parliament, Kwame Appiah Boateng (popularly known among Ghanaian Communities around the World as "Kwame Mayor") - on Sunday, April 25 miraculously escaped a random attack by a "Knife-Wielding" man in Kumasi after a strange man went beserk and "butchered" about three people with long knives and inflicted wounds.

Police in the Ashanti Region of Ghana are meanwhile investigating the matter and some of the victims have already received treatment from the Okomfo Anokye Hospital, according to sources.

Eye-witnesses are still in shock the "miraculously" way "Kwame Mayor" escaped the attack.

Some people speculate that the former Mayoral Candidate was rescued by countless "Secret Private Security officers dressed in civilian clothes" amid countless "Secretly installed Security Cameras".

Other people say determined and vigilant groups of people rescued the aspiring Candidate for Parliament.

The attacker is alleged to have inflicted knife wounds on anybody he accidentally came across on that fateful day and did not know his victims.

Some people had erroneously speculated that since the attacker did not know the aspiring Parliamentary Candidate, he (the attacker) had attempted to attack Kwame Appiah Boateng, (the CPP Parliamentary Candidate) because the candidate was sitting near a CPP hoisted flag.

However, Boateng (" Kwame Mayor") says he strongly believes that the attack was an "isolated incident" and "has nothing to do with his historic campaign for the 2004 Parliamentary elections" which he predicts a "Landside Victory in any environment of well-informed Voters with King Solomon's wisdom".

Kwame Appiah Boateng, who contributed significantly in putting Ghana on America's "Political {Candidates}' Map" as the first Ghanaian born to run for Mayor of Los Angeles is currently among the Convention People's Party (CPP) Parliamentary Candidates in the Ashanti Region of Ghana and as history repeats itself, Kwame Appiah Boateng ( "Kwame Mayor" ) is currently the first publicly declared candidate for one of the newly created Constituencies in Ghana - the Nhiaeso Constituency, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Meanwhile, Boateng vows to help Ghana cement the noble principles of Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty and the un-compromising Dignity of [all] people on Earth regardless of their Color, Ethnicity, Tribe - (including the un-compromising Dignity of African people) !!!.

Asked how he is doing after the un-provoked "attack", Boateng responded "Africa Must Still Unite ".

" God Almighty protected me - as usual " Boateng added.

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