22.12.2012 Feature Article

Rejoinder: The Road To Kigali

Rejoinder: The Road To Kigali
22.12.2012 LISTEN

About three years ago, just after the Haitian earthquake, I read an article on ghanaweb, which made me give up completely on the writer who gave birth to this rejoinder. At school I was taught, and I believe, that it is healthy to listen and read about opinions that one does not subscribe to.

I am an uncompromising capitalist in my economic thoughts and views; on the other hand, I do read socialist journals and text to keep up with their latest theories and thoughts. I do that because it is mentally healthy. It takes a concerted effort, and a methodological train of thought to refute an opinion.

However, I had to abandon this belief as far as the views and opinions of this writer are concerned due to his relentless, but revolting and distasteful ultra-partisan articles he churns out like cookies. It's not just me, I know quite a few hard core NPP supporters who find his write-ups nauseating and sickening. And this latter evidence is not hard to find on the net. I did not want to get into this fray, but it is Francisco Goya who said: 'the sleep of reason produces monsters'.

Who in Africa will forget Kigali? It is a symbol of intolerance, savagery, death and shame. So when I saw the title, which is very emotive, and especially coming at a time when Ghanaians are edgy as a result of the dispute over the recent election I clicked on it instinctively.

Nevertheless, I was not surprised, in the least, to see his name when the page opened. As usual, I ignored it, but as he obstinately kept producing the series, besides the connotation the title invokes at these trying times of our democracy I could no longer avert my gaze. I, therefore, opted to suspend my unilateral moratorium on the reading of his articles to torture myself all over again. To make sense of it all, I decided to read from the beginning of the series to really find out what this angel of death had to say.

To start with, the meaning of the title is obvious to any clear thinking student of recent African history. It means that should NPP not have their way Ghana will be walking on the road to Kigali. This is what spooked me, and literally woke me up from my slumber. I am not going to write a whole series to counteract what he has written, but touch on some salient points, which makes that entire batch, so far, laughable and at the same time sinister designed to terrify his readers obviously to fall in line.

In the first part he categorically affirmed that they were going to court over the claim of foul play. Yet, he managed to pull a rabbit out of his hat that he lacks confidence in the Chief Justice, Mrs Georgina Wood, predicated on the flimsiest of reasons. This is a jurist who was appointed by President Kufour; unless he is certain that their evidence is spurious I don't see why he should have any doubts.

Besides, if he has lost faith in the judicial system why then bother to waste your time in court when he is certain that the chief justice cannot be trusted. He run about like a headless chicken in the second part, which he expressly wrote that the title should have been 'Steer Clear From Ghanaian Politics Mr Yayi Boni' not knowing he had written in the first part that a continental jurist will be needed to determine the outcome of the election.

If he clearly understood the implication of what he wrote he wouldn't have written off a person who can possibly champion his suggestion of eminent jurist outside the sub-region. Also, I must add, whether Ghana Bar Association will revel in such an affront to our judicial system. I wonder the size of his cake, which he is devouring at a lightning speed, but still want to keep it.

Now, while he claimed that the stolen verdict should be challenged constitutionally, in the same breath he cautioned his power hungry NPP top brass to desist from calling their supporters to order. If this is not a preparation for the road to Kigali then I don't know what it is. These are mob on the streets of Accra who had actually attacked some journalists. The behaviour of such supporters who feel bitterly cheated cannot always be determined. Mob-rule, according to Plato, is a rough sea for the ship of state to ride; every wind of oratory stirs up the waters and deflects the course.

He sits on his Mount Olympus in his Nassau Community College and pontificate this evil instruction without the slightest incline that it takes just a little spark to light up a conflagration.

It is clear that his rabid ranting is calculated to serve an evil purpose regardless of the structures put in place to resolve national problems in a civilised manner. The constitution makes room for aggrieved contestants to fight their case in court with credible evidence, but not on the streets of Accra and Kumasi.

For my life this is what bugs me. This man, Dr Kwodwo Afari-Djan, whom they have already beaten to a pulp, has a history of stealing elections for candidates in the past. He stole for Rawlings in 1992 and 96.

The constitution retired Rawlings after eights year of enjoying his stolen position as the president of the Republic. Come the year 2000 this kleptomaniac had still not been tamed and Ghanaian stood by for him to steal the election for Kufuor in that year and once more in 2004. He was again at it in 2008. My question is why did they ignore such overwhelming evidence of blatant abuse of constitutional power, and not know that he was going to repeat his past deeds in 2012.

This is a man who has been stealing elections since the inception of the Fourth Republic what makes them think that he was not going to do it this time? Why did they not take precaution to effectively man all the polling stations and the requisite data collation centres like some pundits have opined. Is this not a case of crying wolf?

He has cried that once too many. If he had not cried I was robbed in 2008, perhaps, he will have a lot of sympathy this time round. How can he be running on the ticket of the incumbent party with all the resources of the state at his disposal, yet, claimed that he was cheated. Think about it.

Finally, this is a dangerous thief who thwarted their chances twice in the past. Why did they not force his retirement? It seems very strange to me. Nevertheless, they kept him to wreak his havoc not once but back to back. What does it say of their judgement? Ponder over this one as well.

For those who are clamouring for blind mob justice irrespective of the consequence. They are more or less echoing the sinister statement of Lord Mansfield: let justice be done though the heavens fall.

The heavens will fall alright, but when it does it's not going to harm only the intended victims. In most cases they don't even suffer, but the poor innocent people whose livelihood get blighted.

In this instance they will fuel the violence, and catch the next available plane together with the important members of their immediate family who matters to them to the nearest haven, while plunging the country into chaos over bogus claims of fraud.

The road to Kigali is not a place that anybody who has got a pillow will like to tread on. The framers of the constitution envisaged unpalatable situations like this, and made provision for redress. How then does he jump the rope and argue that the development after the election is leading on the road to Kigali. I expected a thug who does not know the order of the alphabet to use such a crass title when we are still waiting for the court action they promised almost two weeks ago.

Philip Kobina Baidoo Jnr., London
[email protected]