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18.12.2012 Feature Article

How to Help Needy Children

How to Help Needy Children
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While feeling concern for the plight of needy children is admirable, finding solutions is even better. Children suffer from a variety of problems, including hunger, homelessness and abuse. Helping needy children can elevate their physical and emotional well-being, leaving them better prepared for adulthood. It can also leave you feeling satisfied with your societal contribution.

Although you can't help every child, your compassion can have a positive impact on at least one child.

·Consider your reasons and abilities. Factors such as your own childhood conditions and your cultural background can shape the types of charities and causes you support. Identifying your motivations for helping needy children makes it easier to choose suitable causes to support. This helps prevent giving aid with a clenched fist or scowl. Avoid impulsive giving as this can adversely affect your personal budget.

Donate money and goods to reputable organizations.
Research different charities to find those that match your ideals. Examine past and future goals to ensure you know where your contribution is actually going. Notice how each charity distributes contributions between operation costs and actual campaigns. Choosing charities with lower operations costs can ensure recipients get the most benefit possible from your money. Consider donating items such as coats and school supplies if you're opposed to giving money.

·Volunteer your time with local agencies. Organizations such as Hospital for Children need well-adjusted adults to support needy children. Acting as a mentor to an at-risk youth allows you to instill positive values. Visiting sick children allows you to bring a little hope to a sick child. Check with local chapters of charities, social service agencies and hospitals for information regarding volunteer opportunities. It may be necessary to complete multiple training sessions before you're allowed to start volunteering.

· Look beyond the holiday season. Although much focus is placed on helping needy children during Thanksgiving and Christmas, "need" doesn't take a break during the rest of the year. Spreading your giving throughout the year can help ensure needy children aren't just showered with nice dinners and toys. Understand that life goes on after the wrapping paper is torn away and the turkey is digested.

· Keep track of upcoming drives and initiatives.
Targeted events such as clothing, toy and coat drives are effectiveways to help needy children. Pay attention to public announcements and community bulletin boards. Consider volunteering to staff a drop-off location or helping gather community and business support for important events. Toys for Tots and Coats for Kids are both examples of regularly scheduled initiatives.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and I pray that you bless a needy child this season and always.

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