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31.03.2010 Feature Article

Witches and Ghosts

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Witches lived long ago, and still do to this very date. Witches had to be secretive about their witch craft, but in todays' society, it is more welcomed. Witches can practice their magick with friends or family members or pen pals as well.

I have been a wiccan witch for quite some time now. I cast spells of my own and send to friends as well. There are white, dark and gray witches, this is in between white and dark.

I have cast wicked spells before and they have worked on individuals...that I felt wore deserving of it. I cast a spell for some one to go through a window of his truck after he insulted and belittled me and then he came to me and told me what had happened to him. I was all smiles. I will not regret casting wicked spells on the truly wicked people.

I cast a spell on some man that harmed his wife, and was after me next and the spell worked just as well. He died in his sleep on Christmas Eve, the same day, I cast this spell, and it worked and he won't be bothering people ever again.

Of course I cast good spells. Once, this young mother came to me with her son, and she wanted me to cast a spell on her boy, for him to stop having seizures so I cast the spell, and told her to lay him on the floor. I put 12 candles all in white and blue and the next month she came back and told me that her son was doing better, that he had no seizures. I hope to this very day, her son has no more seizures.

Also, this ghost came to me, in the home, I was dwelling at the time, and she told me someone had murdered her, to find her mother and a week or so later, I found her mother walking on the sidewalk and I asked her, name withheld, if she would like to chat with me as I can predict whom murdered her daughter. I read my cards and came up with his name. I told her she had two days before the evidence was gone, and so she called the authorites right away, and they found the knife with some blood still on it, as he did not wash it off all the way, and the muddy tennis shoes as well. His wife was envolved in this murder as well. (This I found out at a later date)

I have seen my share of ghosts, true. I have a sister that seen a ghost once.

One time, in my home...I seen a man, and thought he was in my back yard, but then he was not there. I lived in a home with my grand mother at the time, and the ghost came to me, (he was 15 when he committed suicide.) He asked me if I would rise up and come with him, but I told him "No!"

Well I found out that he had murdered a school teacher way back in the 50's and he also appeared in front of my uncle, as he tore his newspaper in half. Needless to say, my uncle suffered a heart attack, that very moment. He was scared out of his wits!

My boyfriend, at the time, always felt he was being watched, and a friend of mine, went upstairs with me once, and I told the ghost to turn the faucets on, in the tub and sink and the ghost turned them both off. I know ghost exist as well as witches do, and I would like to come back as a ghost, but to help others. My husband believes in ghosts and demons, and I feel there are wicked people as well as demons...and they may act like demons.

There were people possessed by wicked spirits and still are to this very date. You hear of preachers and priests exercising demons. I have not meet with a demon yet, and wonder if they exist in this world at times, but I am sure there must be some demons around, that enter into souls, or even the innocent. I don't believe demons can get inside children, although I have heard differently, that they can...but this may be a fable and only fiction. Well I hope my article was enlightening and that you enjoyed reading it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my tales as well.

Melanie Miller
Melanie Miller, © 2010

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