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28.07.2009 General News

Wereko-Brobby denies GNA story

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Accra, July 27, GNA – Dr Charles Wereko-Brobby, former Chief Executive of [email protected] Secretariat, has denied a Ghana News Agency (GNA) story which quoted him as appealing to Ghanaians to exercise restraint and support the Commission set up by the government to probe the Secretariat.

In a statement to the Ghana News Agency, he added a transcript of an interview he granted Joy FM and other media on July 23 at the [email protected] Commission of enquiry.

The following is the full text of the transcript:

MEDIA: What are your initial comments?

CWB: Well, the process is slow, is clearly not ready. I think is not acceptable that that chairman of the commission must make notes. We long ago went past that process. We were not furnished with copies of memorandums that were being presented as you saw my council raised the issues on that (I mean.) But we don't want to (if you like) stop the work of the commission. But clearly whatever need to accelerate and make it more efficient must be done. If we need to postpone this process until the legal holiday is there and then we can get the scopist to come and cover this so that things can be done in a much more normal and accelerated fashion then that is fine. I do not see the need for the haste at this stage.

MEDIA: Are you just going to sit in, observe and get your counsel to raise objections or you will also take your turn as a witness?

CWB: Please those questions need to be addressed to the Commission. The procedure is for the Commission to determine. They said this morning that we would be called; when? we do not know. But (as you know) we don't determine the procedure. As you know, we've raised fundamental objections about some of the procedures.

MEDIA: Have you been invited as a witness?

CWB: Not yet. We have not been invited yet as a witness. We have been invited to witness what is going on. So far the moment that remains the situation. From what was said by the counsel for the Commission, I guess at some point we will be invited to come and tell our side of the story. But you know the most important thing is that this morning, based on the objections raised by my counsel, the Chairman of the Commission said that there have been no allegations made against anybody about the improper use of public or other funds. The first term of reference of this Commission is to investigate allegations of improper use of public funds. If there have been not allegations, what are we doing here? Surely we should get the allegations if there have been any, examine their credibility and make sure that (you know) there is a likelihood that they can pass muster when they are put through due legal process then we can start the kind of process we are doing. At the moment, we are on a fishing expedition.

MEDIA: In order words, per its mandate or terms of reference (i.e.) first to inquire into allegations of improper use of public or other funds, you think that there is no basis for this exercise.

CWB: The chairman admitted today that absolutely no allegations have appraised. I would have thought that the basis for establishing the commission would have been that somebody has made allegations here are these allegations, we do not believe that there is sufficient merit in them or they may not pass judicial process so lets establish a commission to see whether it will pass muster. That is the way logically I would interpret it. But (you know) the issue is that we are still going ahead with it.

MEDIA: Lastly, the MD for Prudential Bank, Mr. Abankwa, spoke about advancing money to pre-finance some of the activities of the celebrations.

ME: I don't think we are going to comment on the proceedings. I think its proper. I think whatever he said you have been here and so you heard.

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